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CVAPI Matching the Deaf with the Paranormal
CVAPI is currently seeking assistance from paranormal teams across the country.
Added: 06/25/2009 - Cheyenne Powell

Chester, Virginia – June 25, 2009. CVAPI stands for Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations, they are a paranormal team located outside of Richmond, Virginia. Recently they have been approached by the need of the deaf community wanting to participate in paranormal investigations. Their founder, Jackie Tomlin, has agreed to assist with launching this campaign. CVAPI is a spin off of Jackie’s meetup group, Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research.

"Lily is a member of my meetup group, she is also deaf and mute". "She carries a strong passion for the paranormal and we were recently on an investigation together." "I was more than impressed." "That evening she had her interpreter with her, but we feel that we could manage even if the interpreter was unable to attend."

"I think we have all failed to realize, that the deaf have heightened senses, in which she certainly demonstrated to us that evening." "I work as a full time professional psychic under the nickname of Ms-Swami, Lily’s senses are different, but together work very well." "Her sense of a presence or feeling vibrations, are much keener than those of an average person." "She carries a strong interest in video and photography, I don’t see a reason why her handicap should hold her back as well as others that are deaf."

"In the darkness, if she needs to communicate with us, she uses a flash light or a laser light." "She captured things on photographs that no one else did." "If her interpreter was not available, she can certainly write to us what she is experiencing."

"Lily has come up with over 100 deaf people across the country that have a strong interest in the paranormal." "I have offered to assist her in this campaign in matching everyone of them up with a team."

"I am asking that you take them into your meetup group, take them onto your paranormal team as a guest, or make them a member, but just give them a chance." "Their interest is as strong as everyone else’s and their senses are stronger but in a different way." "For the majority of paranormal teams out there, this is your hobby." "Why would you exclude anyone from that pleasure?" "Everyone deserves a fair chance."

If you have a meetup group or a paranormal team that would like to assist a deaf person in your area with participating in paranormal research, please contact Jackie. You may find Jackie at their website by placing CVAPI into your search engine.


Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations
1046 Wayside Drive
Petersburg VA 23803

Site URL:
Phone: 804-590-9760
FAX: (none)
Email: Contact
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