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A Company to Invest In
Rolling Seas Promotions Pty Ltd., the publicity and marketing company making a name for itself in the publishing and movie Industries, is destined to lift to the stars in 2007.
Added: 01/01/2007 - Mark Baker

Mark Baker, Managing Director of Rolling Seas Promotions explained, "Expanding all areas of operations is essential for the company's growth in this publicity charged industry. "

The Marketing Director of Rolling Seas, Pamela Faye, offered, "Our company has achieved the impossible dream, since the company was formed in 2004, with our L.A. screenplay writer Daniel Guardino in the development stages of the movie script "My Own Worst Enemy" for Hollywood producer Michael Z. Gordon—producer of "Narc" and "Mafiosa". "Frail" will begin production in Vancouver, Canada, January 2007.

Rolling Seas Promotions are publicists for three producers and marketing agents for the optioned movie scripts "Glass House", "A Glass Darkly", "Looking Glass" and "Web of Deceptions". The next step for the company in 2007 is to expand through investment interests.

To invest in the arts industry is to understand its unpredictable nature, and as publicists and agents we deal with a lot of contracts and agreements. We often work for months at a time marketing projects before financial rewards are forthcoming. It is either a feast or a famine but whichever way publicity is never wasted time and energy for Rolling Seas Promotions.

Pamela continued, "My task as the Marketing Director is as vast as the Rolling Seas we sail upon. We have plans to expand the company with a bookstore front—incorporating author appearances for the public to meet the authors they are passionate about. Our bookstore will be for the Australian Distribution side of Rolling Seas Promotions.

If your heart is passionate about show business, there is no place else you want to be, and the stars are your only limit when you are blessed with the talent of published author, arts editor, publicist and marketer. It is all I have ever wanted to be."

Investors searching for an exciting new venture, for 2007, have a pearl of a company forming in this oyster shell of Rolling Seas Promotions Pty Ltd. Pamela Faye wrote the article "The World is your Oyster for Promotion". When referring to the publishing and movie industries the lustre ripples of ardent reflection." The talent behind this company is the driving force lifting them to the stars.

A company to definitely invest in.


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Dakota Wind
Company Newsroom
Rolling Seas Promotions Pty Ltd.
Ph: 61 7 5450 762

Pamela Faye
Marketing Director
Ph: Aus. (61) 7 5450 7624
Mobile: 61 409 506 020
[email protected]

Rolling Seas Promotions Pty Ltd
Publicists – Agents - Marketers
ABN: 110 498 112
ACN: 49 110 498 112
Mark Baker
Company Director
Ph: 61 438 757 138
[email protected]

Rolling Seas Promotions
Los Angeles CA 91367

Site URL:
Phone: 61438757138
FAX: (none)
Email: Contact
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