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Added: 11/21/2006 - Arthur Roodenburg


November 21, Leiden, The Netherlands, version 3.6 of Quest3D™ is now available from Quest3D resellers and the Quest3D website.

With the new version Act-3D™, the creators of Quest3D, introduce interesting features such as HDR rendering, water simulation, improved support for VR equipment, a better web plug-in and native export from 3D Studio MAX®.

The new version is an exciting release for existing users or new users that are looking for a high quality real-time 3D solution. The new software further expands the possibilities for development of real-time 3D visualization, real-time 3D web pages, entertainment, architecture visualization, serious gaming and high end VR applications.

At a glance

"It's safe to say this is the most stable release to date." – says Remko Jacobs, Quest3D director and product manager. "We really took every effort to get as much information from the user community as we could and incorporated it in this new release.

High dynamic range rendering allows for visual effects similar to a photograph or film. A post process effect simulates the effect of bright light sources interacting with the lens.

The water rendering system enables effects ranging from wild oceans to calm shallow puddles. The algorithms run almost entirely on the GPU which ensures optimal performance

The 3D Studio MAX® plug-in provides a complete platform to export 3D scenes directly to Quest3D. Special effort has been taken to ensure smooth exporting of light maps and animations. For other applications users can use 3rd party export plug-ins but one of the goals of the platform is a future port to other applications like Maya®, AutoCAD®, MicroStation®, Sketchup® and other content creation tools.

The Quest3D web plug-in was redesigned from scratch to solve any issues with previous versions. The result is a rock solid system for running real-time 3D applications inside a browser.

The VR edition of Quest3D was enhanced to offer better support for stereo displays and it now includes native support for the most frequently used motion trackers and cyber gloves.


The new version is available for free for users that purchased 3.0 or above. New users will get the new version directly if they purchase it through the Quest3D web shop or through the Quest3D reseller network. Both web shop and a list of resellers is available on


Quest3D Version 3.6 is now available from the Quest3D website and reseller network. The new version is a major improvement because of exciting new features such as HDR rendering, water simulation, improved support for VR equipment, a better web plug-in and native export from 3D Studio MAX®. This news should be interesting for both existing and new users since it enhances the real-time 3D applications they can create.

About Quest3D™

Quest3D is a tool for real-time 3D application development. It is widely used for broadcasting, project visualization, entertainment, web, training, and virtual reality.

Recent projects include the broadcast of 2006 Italian elections, the ground breaking VR center of the Offshore Simulation Center in Norway and the Cult horror movie "Trapped Ashes" where Matrix special effects specialist and Academy Award winner John Gaeta used Quest3D for real-time 3D special effects.

More information available here:

Quest3D is unique because it has extensive and deep functionality packaged in a graphically user interface. Quest3D provides a usable, flexible development environment for users that aren't necessarily programmers but still want to create high-end real-time 3D applications.
Quest3D is compatible with any Microsoft Windows computer with a 3D card and Microsoft DirectX 9. It is available from local distributors or from the web shop.

About ACT-3D™

Officially registered in January 2000, Act-3D is the company behind Quest3D. The company is completely devoted to development of Quest3D.

Act-3D B.V.
Schipholweg 11d
The Netherlands

Quest3D and Act-3D are trademarks of Act-3D B.V. in the Netherlands. All other brand names are trademarks of their respective owners.

Act-3D B.V.
Schipholweg 11d

Site URL:
Phone: +31 71 514 7799
FAX: +31 71 514 7848
Email: Contact
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