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Amplo Global Inc. Announces Corporate Membership with NJ Technology Council
Amplo Global Inc. Announces Corporate Membership with NJ Technology Council
Added: 08/29/2019 - Amplo GLobal Inc.

AMPLO GLobal Inc, an AI-driven strategy and operations benchmarking company that measures organizational performance and assesses readiness of Industry 4.0 capabilities through its cloud-based platform DIVA™, announced that they have joined NJ Tech Council (

The NJ Tech Council is a nonprofit membership organization for technology companies and tech related professionals, providers, and advisors, that supports the tech, innovation, and entrepreneurial ecosystems across the state and region. Amplo Global’s vision is to help its customers minimize costs and shift funds to innovation, creating opportunities for organizations to invest in new business and revenue models.

The platform scores and automates business capabilities, benchmarks processes at various levels of business, optimizes operations performance, and supports the development of related outcome based key performance indicators to measure growth and spend towards connected products, operations, data and experiences.

Amplo Global
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Amplo Global NJ 08854

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