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Announcing The Steeple H.O.M.E. Team
Helping Home Owners Maintain Equity in Central Florida
Added: 02/01/2007 - Maud Darlene Hicks

PRESS RELEASE & Orange County Branch N.A.A.C.P.
Orlando, Florida, February 1, 2007: Announcing The Steeple H.O.M.E. Team. There is another epidemic besides crime that is plaguing Central Floridians. Because of the high foreclosure rate in our community, the Orange County NAACP joined with, and together formed a team of independent companies in an attempt to lower the skyrocketing foreclosure statistics. This program has also been endorsed by several local churches, businesses and media .

Right now approximately 2,000 homes are currently in some stage of foreclosure in Orange County, Florida. In 2006, over 12,000 homes were recorded in foreclosure for the Orlando Metropolitan Area. Check out your County Clerk's website or any "foreclosure" related website to see for yourself.

Our primary objective is to help homeowners keep their homes, and maintain the equity which they have earned. We want to keep these homeowners out of the hands of the "predatory lenders" and "scam artists", and other companies that legally conduct business, but have very low "ethical" or "moral" standards. In order to accomplish all of this, we have assembled a team of companies who have taken an oath to pursue every available resource to give these at-risk homeowners options and solutions to save their homes.

Our secondary objective for The Steeple H.O.M.E. Team is to help financially struggling mortgage holders work things out with their lenders, while improving their own financial situation so that they won't find themselves in this predicament again. One team member can counsel the homeowner in matters of financial responsibility and budgeting. The homeowner could be in this program for a year if needed. Another team member can help to improve the homeowner's credit rating. Then another team member can be of assistance to secure a quality loan. Another member can help sell the home at market price where the homeowner will receive fair equity value, if the homeowner selects this option due to his or her particular circumstances. A bankruptcy lawyer member can counsel the homeowner in bankruptcy options.

The Steeple H.O.M.E. Team addresses the symptoms as well as the issues which caused the problems. We explain each option in detail. We can then address the symptom while investigating the underlining cause. Our goal is for home owners to maintain the ownership and the equity in their home. Then we can help them regain credit worthiness. We want homeowners to remain prosperous citizens of the community, and to be able to live their dreams... by keeping their homes.

For more information visit

Contact: Maud Darlene Hicks, President/COO, Phone: (407) 262-9672 / Email:
[email protected]

David Rucker, President, Orange County Branch N.A.A.C.P. Phone: (407) 445-2055 / Email: [email protected]
7226 W. Colonial Dr
Box 297
Orlando FL 32818

Site URL:
Phone: 407-262-9672
FAX: (none)
Email: Contact
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