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App for iPhone, iPod and iPad Makes Users Sound Like They Used a Helium Balloon
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Added: 07/05/2010 - G.I.L. Wijnants

Just when we thought apps couldnít get any more interesting, Helium-Balloon (, an app by WaveSea, allows users to sound like they have just inhaled helium gas from a helium balloon. The interactive app features the picture of a balloon on the screen and instructs users to suck in air through the microphone opening. You then talk into the phone to hear your helium infused voice.

Social networks are supported.
The full-featured app allows users to record their helium voice and post it to their favorite social networks for a playback. Use this app to see who can create the silliest voice or to send funny voice messages to your friends. Itís also a safe game for your kids - no more inhaling real helium to get the funny voice effects. This fun and easy to use app is sure to be an app favorite as silly helium voices begin to spread across social networks.

"This app is fun and easy to use. We wanted to create something that moms would love as much as their teenage kids, but that could also be used by the four year old whose bored while the oil is getting changed. Itís entertainment that can be used by every age group, shared with friends, send through social networks and yes, even to entertain the kids," stated developer GIL Wijnants.

The Helium-Balloon ( app is available at and also at the iPhone app ( store.

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