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Award-winning Achiever Medical helps bridge the gap between tissue sample providers and researchers
Added: 02/19/2020 - Sharon Williams

Biobanks and tissue providers are under pressure to provide high quality samples to researchers while increasing emphasis is being placed on how donated tissue samples are being used and sourced. Interactive Software Limitedís Achiever Medical LIMS solution is helping Ďmake every sample matterí with tools that support collaboration, help improve research outcomes and provide secure access to quality data.

Achiever Medical is a complete sample tracking and lab information management system. In its†latest version it is making it easier for UK Biobanks to leverage the UKCRCís online Tissue Directory to publicise their sample tissue holdings data to researchers.

The UKCRC Tissue Directory is a web-based portal where researchers can source tissue samples from providers across the UK. The UKCRC Tissue Directory solution seeks to address the gap between the demand and provision for high quality research tissue with supporting data.

However, every Biobank has its own way of working which is often outlined within its Standard Operating Procedures. It also has its own way of categorising and classifying tissue samples. Biobanks donít want to have to change these to fit with the data standards and formatting rules required. Or, alternatively, spend hours fiddling with data to get it into the right format every time itís to be uploaded.

To help overcome this obstacle, Interactive Software Limited has created a link to the directory from its Achiever Medical LIMS which also includes a dynamic transformation tool. This unique tool transforms both data values and column names, so Biobanks donít have to spend weeks changing terminology, reworking processes and retraining teams.†Whatís more, Biobanks just set these translations up once and the system does the rest automatically.

In addition, Biobanks can also select the data that they want to upload to the online directory and how often they want to send it. Once set up Achiever Medical Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) connects to the online UKCRCís Tissue Directory to send selected tissue sample holdings data securely and regularly.

The combined solution of Achiever Medical LIMS with its link to the UKCRC Tissue Directory helps researchers to source quality samples and supports Biobanks to make sure their precious tissue samples are used for their intended purpose Ė to further research.

Whatís more, the dynamic tool and associated technology can be extended†to enable labs and Biobanks to securely share selected data with other systems in the future.

In recognition of its distinct achievement, Interactive Software Limitedís Achiever Medical has been awarded Medilinkís West Midlands Medical and Healthcare Business ĎInnovationí Award 2019.

As a result of Interactive Software Limitedís regional success, it is now competing as a finalist at the national Medilink UK Healthcare Business Awards on April 1st, 2020.

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