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"Best Interests of the Children"
Added: 07/29/2005 - James Deuchars

"Best Interests of the Children"

What does this mean?

1) Is it when a child is torn away from it's granny, the only mother it has know for years, just because a new woman comes into the fathers life and is determined to rule the roost.
The devastation caused here is tremendous; ask any psychologist what the effect is on a child that is dragged away from the person they have bonded with since birth.

2) When the children is refused contact by the courts with their granny after she looked after then daily for ten years, just to suit the mothers new boyfriend who doesn't like her.

3) The children are refused contact with their father when the mother kicks him out to bring home a new boy friend, and defies all contact orders, even although they want their own dad. and they could be at risk from this new man or further strangers. Not to mention the pain a father goes through knowing their children could be in danger and can't do a thing about it.

4) A third child is removed from its family because the parents are not intelligent enough to care for more than two.

5) When children are being used as weapons or blackmail in a dispute and the law does nothing to stop it because it refuses to acknowledge "Alienation"

6) When Social Services ignore the child's wishes and is trying to force him into living with his mother where he was abused, when his granny has PRRs over him and is the one he is safe with.

7) When Social Services refuses to acknowledge the grandparents as carers (irrelevant persons) or assist them if they are lucky enough to save the children from care.

8) When a child is broken heartedly taken into care away from his grandparents and in a short time says he does not want to see the very ones he loved so much. How does this come about is that "Alienation in care"?

9) When the Social Services puts cost before the welfare of the child. It has been said a good social worker is one who does not cost the department too much.

10) Worst of all is when the courts refuse to enforce their own court orders, demeaning the law, and condoning the suffering of children these laws are meant to protect.

The children's Tsar Kathleen Marshall has vaguely pointed out the "Best Interests of the Child" is not being adhered to but needs to expand on her statements.

Should we have guidelines pointing out these failings, it appears that everything else is considered except the "Best Interests of the Child" to suit various people and organisations.

There needs to be a person who is trained to make sure it really is in the "Best Interests of the Children"


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