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Best Math Resources for Teachers
Added: 09/03/2019 - teacherr

Hey Math Teachers, we have curated a list of math resources that will help you make math fun and easy for your students ! I know it sounds impossible because usually, math wins the award for "most hated subject". But with these tips, it might be possible to make your students fall in love with the subject. Some of these will help you keep track of your class’ progress even. We know it is difficult for you to make Math likable to your students and that’s why we’re here to provide some help.

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Xtra Math:

Xtra Math is a non-profit organisation that helps students to guide their way through mental math. Also, it gives user access to teachers and parents. The site can be inculcated in the school curriculum and used at home at the same time.

Suited board: None in particular. It makes you better at mental math hence is a good resource of basic arithmetic operation. Therefore, it is directed towards all boards.

Appropriate for standard/class: You know that mental math can make everything so much easier. So, if your students are already good at it, they have a stronger base in the subject. Hence, it targets the lower standard students. And as you proceed further, the curriculum is set according to your class’ standard.

Uniqueness: Once after you sign up on the website (which is free, by the way), you can enter details of your entire class and keep a track on their activity. They send you a weekly mail report, with all your students marks in each subject so that you know where each of them stand. The site is used as a homework tool too. Also, they have their own app that you can download on a tablet for easy access.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is a top website for any learner. It gives free personalized education to all students for all subjects. You can even opt for any grade the student is studying as well as any topic the student wants to study thoroughly.

Suited board of study: It starts from as early as kindergarten and moves on till 12th standard. Even though early stage math is suited for all boards, the higher standards of math follow the syllabus of NCERT (i.e., the CBSE board).

Appropriate for class/standard: As mentioned above, it is appropriate for all standards of education, right from kindergarten to 12th Standard.

Uniqueness: The format of Khan Academy is very similar to Coursera in the sense that it uses video tools and practice sessions but it is totally free of cost. You, as teachers, can use the resources, study materials and teach students at their own pace. Also, you could base your student’s homework on the video practice sessions of Khan Academy study material. This way, you save time in grading the students’ homework as Khan Academy does it for you.

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