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BioLink releases a biometric product supporting smart-card readers
BioLink Solutions announces the release of the new version of BioLink Software Development Kit (BSDK) v. 5.2. The key feature of the new BSDK compared to the previous versions is the support for a biometric scanner combined with a smart card reader als
Added: 08/11/2006 - Natalia Voronina

BSDK 5.2 is a set of tools for independent developers and system integrators to integrate BioLink biometric identification into their applications by using the following functions: scanning fingerprints, converting the obtained fingerprint images into digital templates and matching the live fingerprint produced to the template stored in the database.

BSDK 5.2 supports a wide range of programming languages and platforms (including C, C++, .NET, Visual Basic and Delphi), provides GUI based on ActiveX, and can be used with high-level programming languages Visual Basic Script or JavaScript.

The new version is able to generate multi-finger templates compatible with BioLink's large-scale biometric identification solutions, such as AMIS (Automated Multi-biometric Information System). Apart from purely biometric scanners, BioLink SDK 5.2 is compliant with a combined device offered by BioLink a fingerprint scanner with a smart-card reader able to do two-factor authentication. The device can be used either as a biometric scanner, smart-card reader or both. Support for two-factor authentication opens new implementation opportunities for BioLink's biometrics.

The licensing scheme for BSDK 5.2 has also been expanded: SDK can now be licensed on a particular workstation with serial numbers and activation via the corporate website (

About BioLin

BioLink, a leading provider of biometric identification solutions, develops, manufactures, and markets advanced fingerprint biometric products. The Company's goods and services form the core of biometric identification and authentication solutions for all scales of civil identification, access control and information security applications. BioLink's solutions provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry and are being implemented by corporate and government entities worldwide. For additional information, please visit BioLink's web site at

BioLink Solutions

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