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BioLink solution made compatible with the Citrix platform
BioLink Solutions announces successful development and implementation of the custom application allowing for biometric identification of users on the CITRIX platform. The custom application was developed and integrated for the global pharmaceutical compa
Added: 08/11/2006 - Voronina Natalia

The project is intended for biometric integration with the QECG (Quintiles Centralized Electrocardiogram) service. It is an advanced application designed to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies analyze ECG data from clinical trials and use digital ECG data in submissions to regulatory authorities. The QECG application is built on the client-server architecture; all authentication and automation tools are installed at the server side, while the devices like BioLink scanners, a barcode scanner and printer, as well as a signature pad are connected to the client machine. The custom application provides authenticated access of the client machines to the database of the QECG system installed on the Citrix server.

The project workflow is as follows. Medical staff making use of the QECG system installed on the Citrix server accesses the application through the client program installed on their desktops. Access to the QECG application is protected by the BioLink scanning devices used to reliably authenticate medical officers saving data or adding new users to the central database of the QECG application. The biometric database centrally stored on BioLink's ASA Server is also located on the Citrix server. Operation with biometric scanners on the client machine is available thanks to the developed Virtual Citrix Channel Device Driver for BioLink's scanners, helping to virtually create on the Citrix server the actual BioLink fingerprint scanner physically connected to the client machine.

For the pilot phase of the project BioLink delivered its software development kit (BioLink SDK), ASA Server with 300 end-user licenses used to store the biometric database and 65 fingerprint scanners of the U-Match family. At the 1st implementation phase, the system is supposed to extend up to 300 workplaces equipped with biometric scanners. The project expecting further expansion for the Quintiles Transnational Corporation that employs about 16,000 people and has offices in 50 countries can be considered quite a remarkable milestone for delivering advanced biometric identification solutions in the healthcare sphere.

In general, biometric identification of Citrix platform users is a popular trend in the authentication technology market. Embedded into the medical application, BioLink's biometrics helps improve, speed up and add credibility to the procedures of identifying the medical staff, thus preventing misuses of patients' ECG data.

About BioLin

BioLink, a leading provider of biometric identification solutions, develops, manufactures, and markets advanced fingerprint biometric products. The Company's goods and services form the core of biometric identification and authentication solutions for all scale civil identification, access control and information security applications. BioLink's solutions provide the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry and are being implemented by corporate and government entities worldwide. For additional information, please visit BioLink's web site at

About Logistic Solution

Logistic Solutions, Inc. founded in 1990 is a "global, high-end IT consulting company" specializing in contract positions within the Security, Telecom, Finance, Pharmaceutical and Wireless market. In addition to staffing services we also provide software development and biometrics security implementation services to our clients in the US, Middle East and the Indian sub continent. Additional information is provided on the web site at &

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