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Biocompatiable peek dental material for prosthesis restoration
Added: 01/26/2019 - tony xu

Poly Ether Ketone (PEEK) is an biocompatiable polymer which has achieve great fruitful in numerous medical application. As it is biocompatiable to human bone & tissue,it have already proven to be a great idear material for prosthesis

As a result of its sturdiness, this material is picking up a consistently expanding number of supporters and clients in the field of prosthetic dentistry. Be it a lasting, removable or a screw-held prosthesis that is required, PEEK is an inventive, premium prosthetic restoration in the field of dentistry. Peek milling disc offers a functional option in contrast to the utilization of titianium alloy restoration in conventional dentures as well as in crowns and bridge frame.

Peek dental material,which is known to have great mechanical properties, high temperature solidness and remarkable chemical resistance,non-cytotoxic, electrically non-conductive and thermally protecting. These properties of peek keep any intra-oral response to spit making it a perfect material for use inside the oral prosthesis restoration.

Is it medical dentistry standard

Yes,it is mainly application of the prosthesis dental implants,abutment,bar,crowns and bridge framework etc.

Feature of the peek dental disc

1.98mm standard round ,Amann girrbach,Zirkonzahn CAD CAM milling system compatiable 

2.Can be digitally designed and milled to fit patient’s anatomy

3.Metal free and subsequently may be used even through patients with hypersensitivity to metals

4.Tough and long lasting with a melting temperature of 340°C

5.Pure material- No components are used, no colouring

6.Proven purity in international implanted devices

7.High alleviation of wear due to low weight and instantaneous absorption of body heat

8.Very low solubility and water absorbency, enabling wearing of removable dentures for a longer time without any problems.

9.Shock absorbing behaviour improves patient comfort

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