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Canadian Gaming Company Sharing its Secrets of Success: Introducing Blazesoft's Gaming Backend
They may show themselves as little icons on your smartphone or tablet, but mobile games are big business.
Added: 12/30/2016 - Mickey Blayvas, CEO

They may show themselves as little icons on your smartphone or tablet, but mobile games are big business.

Vaughan, ON (Canada), December 30th, 2016 --
They may show themselves as little icons on your smartphone or tablet, but mobile games are big business. According to mobile data tracking firm Newzoo, in 2016 the worldwide gaming market reached $99.6B with mobile gaming accounting for 37 percent – a proportion that has been increasing year over year, and a trend that is expected to continue.

According to Mickey Blayvas, CEO of Blazesoft, the most common mistake made by mobile app developers is the amount of time and money they dedicate to reinventing technological wheels. This is where Blayvas’s company comes in. "We want game development companies to be able to focus on making the best game possible instead of spending countless time and resources on backend and server development and maintenance," says Blayvas.

Blayvas explains that gaming companies often commit countless numbers of hours and dollars planning and working on various backend aspects that are common to most games such as server configuration, performance optimization, and backend architecture, and development of features such as retention reports and notification mechanisms, all of which could be found in any game. This means that a significant part of their production effort is spent working on elements that have been developed by others many times before.

Blazesoft is offering their gaming backend solution to meet these needs of developers while saving them a substantial amount of R&D time and money, helping them to focus on what will set them apart – developing a great user experience, reaching their audiences through marketing, and improving game monetization. Blazesoft’s solution is a backend platform that game development companies can plug into that enables them to implement complex game features instantly.

One advantage of Blazesoft’s gaming backend service is that it offers developers the ability to make incremental changes to the game’s operations without requiring the developer to resubmit their game to online stores such as Google Play or Apple’s App Store. This means that developers can experiment with game level configuration, products available within the game and how easy or costly it is to obtain them, achievement tracking, in-app ads, and other features, without disrupting their apps’ users. "This not only saves development and QA efforts, it also shortens time to market and is less disruptive for users," explains Blayvas.

Other features of Blazesoft’s service include the ability for game development companies to communicate directly with their players with personalized messages and offers through push notifications and emails, powerful analytics such as player information and use data, and full customer service case management so that developers don’t lose track of customer questions, issues, or other communications.

"We enjoy working with game development companies big or small," says Blayvas. "Whether for an indie gaming company looking for its first big breakthrough game or a seasoned company with hundreds of games, the Blazesoft backend as a service will make the development of any game more efficient, and the final game much more successful."

To learn more about Blazesoft and their gaming backend as a service product, visit -

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