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Added: 07/06/2010 - Mr John Carlton

In the recent years, the rate credit card debt has increased considerably in the UK. In many cases, the situation even leads into declaring bankruptcy. For any sort of bankruptcy help or advices on dealing with the credit card debt, Debt Release Direct is there to help. Getting into the credit card debt is easy, but getting out of is not the same. Those who are facing similar situation, they are getting good support and help from Debt Release Direct. There are several areas that need proper assistance and guidance when an individual falls into the trap of the credit card help.

One of the common steps that many people take to deal with credit card debt is declaring bankruptcy. This is the ultimate step and taken only at that time when there is no other alternative to sort out the situation. When the credit card user is confirmed of his inability to pay off the debt, then he decides to go bankrupt. is a perfect platform to get the best help regarding bankruptcy issues. There are professional experts listed on the Directory that can offer adequate remedies for the users so that they can enjoy the best settlement.

Another form of insolvency to deal with credit card debt is Individual Voluntary Arrangements. lists hundreds of companies who provide excellent IVAs support that can successfully settle the credit card debt issues. In addition to that, there are debt management plans by the help of which the users can settle to make one monthly payment that will be distributed among the creditors. includes many experienced and recommended debt assessors that can provide effective guidance to deal with the situation of increasing credit card debts. The users can take a free debt test at most of the companies listed on the directory and get the experienced support of the professional experts.

People in debt can then decide which Debt Management Company to use based on genuine and honest consumer ratings and reviews.

About the Company is the UKs 1st Directory of Debt Management Companies where consumers are given the opportunity to leave a review and feedback of each Debt Management Company listed. This helps other people in debt to become debt free with confidence using one of the many recommended and highly regarded Debt Management Companies.
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