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Deploy operating systems with a dual boot and multi boot manager
The BootIt Collection lets administrators easily deploy multiple operating systems with a dual boot and multi boot manager for both UEFI- and BIOS-based systems
Added: 11/27/2020 - David F.

August 1, 2020: TeraByte has launched an update to its popular dual boot and multi boot manager. The BootIt Collection now includes new releases of BootIt UEFI for newer computers and BootIt Bare Metal for legacy machines still running a conventional BIOS. BootIt UEFI version 1.20 and BootIt Bare Metal version 1.68 have both been updated to include images for UEFI 3.41 and DOS 3.41 respectively. They now support TBOSDT scripting version 2.01 and come with a raft of minor bug fixes and enhancements. The boot manager makes it easy to configure dual boot and multi boot setups on both modern and legacy platforms. It also supports partitioning and disk imaging to help keep your data safe and provision new operating systems in less time. BootIt Bare Metal has been a go-to application for Windows PCs for years, while BootIt UEFI is ideal for newer specifications which support the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface, which is now standard on almost all computers manufactured in the last five years. BootIt Collection provides a convenient way to test-drive new and different operating systems on the same machine without it getting in the way of your work. It provides a risk-free solution for setting up what would otherwise be complex dual boot and multi boot environments that can be difficult to manage. For example, you can run Windows, Linux, and DOS all on the same system. This makes it ideal for overcoming the compatibility limitations of legacy software and hardware. The BootIt Collection also includes disk imaging features to make a complete byte-by-byte backup of a partition or physical storage device. This allows you to easily move operating systems and programs and files over to a new hard drive or machine, without having to manually reinstall everything or risk losing important data when you want to make major changes to hardware or software configuration. You can download the free 30-day trial to give it a test run at

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