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Display Your Address in Incoming Mails
AddressView is a simple but very useful plugin for Microsoft Outlook that displays your address instead of just your name in all incoming emails.
Added: 08/12/2015 - Claus Christensen

Servolutions presents AddressView, a simple little plugin design for Microsoft Outlook that displays your email address alongside your name in all incoming emails. A straightforward but overlooked functionality that promises to be extremely useful for anyone who uses multiple email accounts, AddressView offers a reliable solution. Without this function, people using more than one email address with the popular Microsoft Outlook email client will only see their name as recipient. Incoming mails won`t display the address that the email was sent to, making it difficult to monitor exactly which emails are going where if you are monitoring all of your incoming email using the same client. Instead of having to manage your email accounts separately, AddressView allows you to manage all of them together while still knowing which emails are being sent to which addresses.

A simple but effective solution, AddressView is an add-in that you can install into any version of Microsoft Outlook in just a few seconds. Once installed, it will automatically display your email address on all incoming emails without any further configuration necessary. The recipient`s address is displayed above the usual fields including From, To and CC. You can download a free 30-day trial version of the add-in at If you decide you want to keep it, you only need to pay a one-off fee, and there are absolutely no recurring costs. If you`re using multiple email address and Microsoft Outlook, you`ll be thankful to have this simple but essential functionality!

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