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Do More with the Best WiFi Hotspot Software
Antamedia, developers of some of the world's best WiFi hotspot software, have just released their latest edition along with a whole raft of stability and performance updates.
Added: 04/27/2017 - Antamedia M.D.O.O.

Antamedia presents Version 5 of its industry-leading wireless hotspot software. This edition presents the most complete and feature-packed addition to the product line since its first launch back in 2006. Already among the best WiFi hotspot software in the world, Antamedia has improved upon their solution to make it easier to set up and use than ever before. It is also more customizable, with no less than 50 brand new themes to choose from for everything from fitness centers to bakeries and coffee shops. One of the most exciting new features is the integration of customer surveys, which allow you to gain valuable feedback from your customers when they log in to your free or paid wireless network. You can display the survey form on the welcome screen, login screen or anywhere else you want.

The new and improved signup page has taken the required number of steps to log in down from three to two, making things quicker and easier than ever for your customers. Users may also sign up using a mobile number to verify their account if they prefer, and there is support for several new social networks, including Twitter, LinkedIn and VKontakte. The developers have also added new Internet Plans that you can configure for different segments of your business, if applicable. You can also easily set bandwidth quotas for different areas and users, limit download and upload speeds to improve overall performance and much more. Get started today with the free demo version over at

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