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Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 4.80 is out with support for Skype chats, files and metadata
Elcomsoft adds support for Skype chats, media files, contact lists and metadata.
Added: 02/20/2020 - Vladimir Katalov

ElcomSoft Co. Ltd. updates Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, a lightweight forensic tool for quickly reviewing information extracted from local and cloud mobile backups. Version 4.80 can display downloaded Skype conversation histories, pictures and files as well as metadata for deleted chats and files purged from Skype servers. Elcomsoft Phone Breaker was also updated. Version 9.40 gains the ability to download conversation histories, messages, media files, contact lists and metadata directly from the user's Microsoft Account.

In addition to existing data, experts can now extract metadata for files and conversation histories deleted within the last 30 days. For chats and media files purged from Skype servers, Elcomsoft can obtain metadata such as the date and time, size, file name, sender, and chat name. Using Elcomsoft Phone Breaker and Elcomsoft Phone Viewer together for accessing Skype data offers forensic experts the convenience of obtaining and analyzing all available Skype data in a matter of minutes.

The available information includes Skype conversations including group chats, text messages, as well as any files sent and received by the user. The tools can extract and display additional metadata for deleted conversations and purged files. Now, experts have the ability to retrieve all metadata for deleted chats including the date and time of deletion, date and time of sending the last message, the number of chat participants and their Skype IDs.

In addition, Elcomsoft can extract metadata of files that have been purged from Skype servers after they've been deleted and the 30 days have passed. This includes information such as the date and time the file was deleted, the file name and size, the sending contact and the chat name. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer 4.80 release notes: Added support for Skype conversation histories and media files Added the ability to view metadata of deleted chats and media files purged from Skype servers Elcomsoft Phone Breaker 9.40 release notes: Added the ability to extract Skype conversation histories including chats, text messages, pictures and metadata Added support for metadata for deleted Skype chats and purged files Get more information and download free trial versions at and

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