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Eliminate macOS-to-Windows compatibility issues
Acronis Files Connect is a complete content-sharing platform that runs on your Windows server to overcome compatibility issues across storage systems.
Added: 02/04/2021 - Liana Tagirova

Acronis Files Connect is a complete file-sharing and content-search system that runs on a Windows server and enables macOS users to seamlessly connect to and search through files. It eliminates disruptive compatibility issues between the two platforms to increase end user productivity, expand mobile access to files, and integrate macOS devices fully into business IT systems. Acronis Files Connect 11.0 features several enhancements and bug fixes to deliver an even more consistently reliable experience. Most importantly, version 11.0 has been updated to provide compatibility with the current edition of macOS, Big Sur, which was released to general availability in November 2020. However, this release works with any system that runs macOS 10.7 Lion or later. To retain compatibility with any earlier versions, users will need to use an older edition of Acronis Files Connect. Acronis Files Connect 11.0 also includes several important enhancements. A new content indexing engine has been provided to use version 7.95 of the dtSearch text retrieval system. There is now a default limit for the file's content indexing, and the service discovery settings tab has been updated. On top of that, there are several bug fixes, including one that addresses a rare application crash when indexing files that have corrupted metadata. With seamless integration for business environments, Acronis Files Connect makes it easier to work with a wider range of devices. This is particularly important in the age of remote work and bring-your-own-device policies, in which employees often use their own systems for work. However, instead of having to face all the problems associated with accessing files hosted on a Windows server from a Mac, users can now enjoy full functionality and interoperability. Acronis Files Connect provides intelligent handling of archived files, real-time granular search index updates, and integration of the Link Mac Spotlight search function with the Windows Search service. Get started today at

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