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Exciting New Collection of Short Fiction:
Out now in paperback, Kindle, audiobook at Amazon
Added: 03/07/2017 - Andrew Szava-Kovats

People are talking about this exciting new collection of Short Fiction:
"In Case of Memory, Break Glass" (Why I don't like to remember anything.)

Memories are by nature unreal, untrue, inaccurate. They are only mental constructs that we use to organize our experiences. Some are cherished, some frightening, some lost. But they are the only reality we know.

    Andrew takes a non-linear approach to assembling memory bits into a collection of experiences, real and imagined. Some are shocking in their realism and intensity. Some are warm and tender.
    Using a variety of forms, including short stories,  poems, and a play, we get a portrait of a man lost in time.
    By the author of "In Case of Memory, Break Glass," "Death of an Apprentice," "Women Who Rocked Boston," "Grindstone Redux," "Let's Go to The Rat" & "The Last Pow-Wow Oak"
    Available Now in paperback at True Age Media
    and Kindle, Audiobook, paperback at

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