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Famous Breitling models
In the early 1930s, the Breitling factory released a special line of chronographs designed for installation on board the aircraft.
Added: 07/15/2019 - David Sogut

The pioneers of aviation needed reliable instruments that would not have failed them in the already difficult conditions of the first flights on airplanes. In the early 1930s, the Breitling factory released a special line of chronographs designed for installation on board the aircraft. By this time, Gaston Brightling had already become famous for his inventions in the field of chronographs. Initially, he came up with a model with an independent button, and then created a design that could measure several time gaps without the need to reset the readings every time. Aviation chronograph was an incredible success. The Royal Air Force used the novelty in its fighters.
In 1952, the company released a model that became a legend. This is a Breitling Navitimer watch, which is a wrist chronograph. A feature of this model was the presence of a slide rule, with which it was possible to solve a variety of navigation problems. The new design made it possible to calculate such flight parameters as the speed of descent and lifting of the aircraft, determine the required fuel consumption or average speed, and also convert one unit of measurement to another. In fact, under the hand of the pilot was a miniature on-board computer for a variety of calculations.
Breitling Navitimer was appreciated not only by US pilots (the model was created for the American market). Soon it was used by pilots from all over the world, and Breitling became the official partner of most famous airlines.
Due to the great popularity of the Navitimer model, the company has released several limited editions. Series Navitimer Caliber 01 was released in the amount of 2 thousand steel products and another 200 units of red gold. This model uses a self-winding movement. The power reserve is more than seventy hours, and the chronograph itself has a vertical connection. Each copy of the series has its own number stamped on the case.
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