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For Black History Month: New Black Saints & Martyrs of the 21st Century
Important Woke Book Memorializes Truth of New Black Saints Martyred by Police
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 "New Black Saints and Martyrs of the 21st Century" is the classic book that memorializes many victims, the Saints, of the tragic state of affairs between Black people and police officers in America today. The engrossing book lists the names and provides brief stories of 50 Black Saints whose lives were Martyred in this century during interactions of all sorts with police officers and others in the United States. Many names may be familiar. Many may not.

Most have heard about the tragic martyrdoms of gentle giant Michael Brown, the soon-to-be-married Sean Bell, Eric Garner who cried out "I can't breathe," Trayvon Martin, and Freddie Gray.

But how about Antonio Martin, a teen gunned down just before Christmas? How about 88-year-old Kathryn Johnston who was shot dead in a botched police raid on the wrong house? Or Alberta Spruill, victim of another wrong-address police raid? Or 93-year-old Pearlie Golden? Or Ousmane Zongo, an unarmed art craftsman working at his job when he was shot dead by an undercover cop? Or Tarika Wilson who was holding her baby, was unarmed, and was not a suspect when police shot and killed her? Or Timothy Stansbury, Jr., an unarmed innocent teen shot dead by police in a stairwell? Or unarmed bicycle-riding Dante Parker who was shocked to death by police using a Taser? Or unarmed Kenny Lazo, beaten and choked by police after a routine traffic stop? Or little 7-year-old Aiyana Mo'Nay Stanley-Jones who was killed by SWAT during a police raid being filmed for a reality TV show? Or Oscar Grant, an unarmed young father shot in the back by police? Or Rekia Boyd? Or Malcolm Ferguson? Or Patrick Moses Dorismond? Or Janisha Fonville? Or John Crawford III? Or so many more?

New Black Saints serves to honor the memories of some of these many Black lives recently cut short during "interactions" with the police. The book is also intended to start conversations. To be read and re-read often. To open eyes. To be shared with others. To be given to loved ones and to be passed around among friends. To keep people alert. To remind readers that these are not just isolated events. To be carried around and waved around. To encourage people to do their own research and follow the facts. And maybe most importantly, to hold the police and their enablers accountable.

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New Black Saints
New Black Saints

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