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FreeTEL System, releases new product FTS-G200 VoIP Gateway
FreeTEL System, releases new product FTS-G200 VoIP Gateway with PSTN forward on demand feature.
Added: 08/13/2006 - Mrs. Thu Huynh

Whitman, Massachusetts August 14, 2006 -- FreeTEL System, the Global Internet Telephone Provider, today announced its best in class product allowing consumers to bridge VoIP with PSTN line and access land line number or mobile phone at will.

"FTS-G200 outstanding feature is to prevent any missed Internet call when consumers are away from home. They may customize a PIN and inform trusted people on how to use Internet telephone service to reach their office or mobile phone without paying long distance charge. By combining the VoIP service with the existing PSTN line at home or office, consumers and businesses now don't have to depend on any service providers for long distance call. Moreover, FreeTEL System's FTS-G200 will ring the phone whenever there is either an incoming Internet call (VoIP) or local PSTN call (Regular). User also can make free Internet calls or non-Internet calls through the local PSTN service in the same analog phone." says Mr. Nghia Tran, President and General Manager of FreeTEL System Vietnam.

"Consumers have various choices for free Internet telephone services, but they may not easily find a provider giving them free of charge when dialing out to PSTN line. In responding to consumers' needs and demands, FreeTEL System combines the advantage of VoIP service with the existing PSTN line at consumers' home or office to allow them expanding the calling scope." says Mr. Hieu Ho, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of SupraLink Solutions.

"The call-in-one functionality is promising, but security is not less important. When other customers want to call one's SIP number and link to PSTN line, they will be prompted for a PIN. Without passing the security check by PIN, the connection will be dropped. This feature of FTS-G200 ensures consumers' PSTN line will not be stolen for illegal calls." says Mr. Tim Nguyen, Vice President of Solutions Network.

About the companie

FreeTEL System [] is the global leading VoIP Service Provider that specializes in Internet Telephone with free and lifetime services and support. Through a growing range of products, services and applications developed by its dedicated research and support teams, FreeTEL System offers excellent and affordable VoIP packages, internet phones and gateways for home and business consumers.

SupraLink Solutions [] is an Internet Solutions Provider in business since 1995. The quality service of SupraLink Solutions has made it the prime choice of clients and enterprises. SupraLink Solutions offers a complete service of connectivity for the Internet, such as dialup, dedicated and high speed access. Moreover, SupraLink Solutions offers a complete range of services, from Design to Website Hosting and Domain Name Registration.

Solutions Network [] is an Information Technology Solutions Provider in business since 1994. Solutions Network offers a wide range of innovatory solutions intended for the medium and large enterprises. Solutions include Consulting, Data Storage, Data Management, Networks Infrastructures and Telecommunications, Software Development and Training Services. It is by offering all turnkey solutions and services that meet current market needs and expectations that Solutions Network has become a recognized leader.

For more information about this news release, please contact

Mrs. Thu Huynh, Vice President Marketing and Business Development
Telephone: 617.275.8237
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Hieu Ho, Vice President - Chief Technology Officer
Telephone: 514.735.8989
Email: [email protected]

Mr. Tim Nguyen, Vice President - Services and Integration
Telephone: 514.345.0299
Email: [email protected]

FreeTEL System
3 Jacob Lane
Whitman MA 02382

Site URL:
Phone: 617-275-8237
FAX: 215-975-8650
Email: Contact
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