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Gartner Recognizes Innovaccer as an Emergent in Population Health Space
Gartner has recognized Innovaccer as one of the Emerging Companies in Healthcare Data Integration in its Population Health Market Report
Added: 04/11/2017 - Sachin Saxena

Innovaccer Inc., a leading healthcare analytics company offering comprehensive population health management to aid the value-based transition, has been recognized as one of the emerging companies in the healthcare data integration space in a Gartner report entitled, "Healthcare Provider CIOs Need to Stay on Course and Procure a Population Health Solution 07 February 2017, Laura Craft."
Healthcare is moving towards data-driven operationalization. Solving multiple challenges in healthcare through an analytics backed approach is on every decision makerís mind. The number of disparate data sources in healthcare and deriving insights out of this whopping amount of data requires a state-of-the-art data integration and exchange capabilities. Innovaccerís Integrated Data Lake is designed to overcome the data integration barriers and accelerate the value-based care initiatives.
"PHM is dependent on digital technology to enable a set of necessary capabilities, and it is important to the future of healthcare," according to the report. "The healthcare industry is in need of industrial-strength integration and exchange capabilities in order to handle the new sources of data, the new types of data, and the incredible volumes of data that are being created, shared, stored and used."
The report by Gartner describes the progression of population health management as a discipline healthcare industry requires and reviews Middleware-Type products from new entrants and mentions Innovaccer as one of them.
"We appreciate the comprehensive research completed by Gartner and welcome the mention of Innovaccer in it," says Abhinav Shashank, Co-founder and CEO. "In a very short span of time we have been able to deliver better clinical outcomes for our value-focused customers, and itís a matter of great pride that our customers are finding value in our cutting-edge Big Data platform, Datashop, and its ability to quickly ingest and integrate data from multiple disparate sources, " he says.
Datashop, Innovaccerís proprietary product, is backed by a Big Data integrated lake that offers pre-built connectors to 64+ widely used EHR systems and combines advanced analytics and machine learning to provide end-to-end value-based care solutions with holistic patient records, referral management, and care management. Datashopís state-of-the-art analytics help providers proactively identify, resolve, and manage population health data and plan timely interventions with a data-centric approach.

To learn more about Innovaccer and Datashop, visit the team during Beckerís Hospital Review 8th Annual Meeting in Chicago, at Booth #1F

About Gartner

Gartner is the world's leading information technology research and advisory company. Gartner delivers the technology-related insight necessary for its clients to make the right decisions, every day. Gartner is a valuable partner to clients in more than 11,000 distinct enterprises offering to research, analyze and interpret the business of IT within the context of their individual roles. Gartner is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, U.S.A., and has almost 9,000 associates, including 1,900 research analysts and consultants, operating in more than 90 countries.

About Innovaccer

Innovaccer Inc is a Silicon Valley-headquartered, Healthcare analytics company. Innovaccerís aim is to simplify complex data from all points of care, streamline the information and help organizations make powerful decisions based on the key insights and predictions from their data. Its proprietary product Datashop enables provider organizations to use data as a source of innovation and has been deployed across 15 countries at academic institutions, governmental organizations, and several corporate enterprises such as Catholic Health Initiatives, El Paso HIE, Sonic Healthsystems, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and Wolters Kluwers.

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