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Greenshine New Energy Brings New Solar Light and Life to Phillips Landing
Added: 06/07/2019 - Linda Lee

Lake Forest, CA - Greenshine New Energy is well-known for their stance in the solar lighting industry, and their latest project is another hallmark in their line of successes over the course of the past 10+ years. This time around, the team implemented another revolutionary solar LED lighting system in Phillips Landing, a dedicated nature park in Laurel, Delaware. The park was suffering from a lack of proper amenities and needed a full restoration. The project included a repaved parking lot, a boat ramp expansion, fishing paths, and of course, solar lighting. Because of the expansion of the boat ramp, it called for three Brighta solar LED lights to illuminate the boat ramp and surrounding areas for guests and boaters that leave in the early hours of the morning and return at night. The solar lights were perfect for the area since it received a lot of sun and there wasn’t a power grid to draw from nearby.

"They needed to add some lights to Phillips Landing Park, which has a boat launch," mentioned Eric Trerotola, Regional Sales Manager for Greenshine. "As we know, fishermen like to get up early and often come back after the sun sets, so they needed light to launch and recover boats.  The nearest electrical was too far away and would've been cost prohibitive to add, so going with solar made for the most cost effective and least disruptive option to add lights to the boat launch." With the nearest power source a quarter of a mile away, the solar LED lights trimmed costs for the project significantly and the park managers for Phillips Landing couldn’t be more pleased. They, along with state representatives, celebrated with a ribbon ceremony once the entire park project was completed. The park is now well-lit during dark hours for everyone to enjoy.

What you get with Greenshine is cost-effective, hi-tech solar LED lights that are quick to install and last for years. Improving parks with the best in lighting technology just happens to be one of Greenshine’s specialties.

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Greenshine New Energy
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Greenshine New Energy
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