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Greenshine New Energy Completely Overhauls Santa Monica Airport's Archaic Lighting Setup
Santa Monica Airport now has a fantastic lighting system in place instead of old, malfunctioning lights.
Added: 05/23/2019 - Linda Lee

Greenshine New Energy has once again demonstrated their excellence in finding lighting solutions while slashing costs for businesses substantially. Their latest project was a complete overhaul of an archaic lighting system installed in the parking lot for Santa Monica Airport. This airport is known for its history since its opening in 1923 and has had many replacements of their lighting in the past.

Unfortunately, the last light system installation for the airport wasnít up to standard--several of the lights were malfunctioning and werenít sufficient to keep commuters feeling safe. The winning aspect of this new project was that the replacement solar LED lights were so adaptable, they were able to be placed into the existing foundations without needing to trench into the concrete for wiring.

"Greenshine stepped in and worked with bid winning contractor Clear Blue Energy Corp to install 44 new Greenshine Brighta40 NSB custom solar parking lot lights, matching the old bolt pattern so they could use the existing pedestals," mentioned Heidi Emmert, Vice President of Sales at Greenshine.

"This bolt pattern customization ultimately saved the City of Santa Monica over $100,000 in removing and replacing the existing foundations. The new Brighta40 NSB solar parking lot lights were installed quickly and efficiently!" The City of Santa Monica is pleased with the results of the new lighting project.

Thatís the package deal a business gets with Greenshine--versatile, adaptable lights that last, save money, and bestow vivid light to parking lots, streets, parks, or anywhere else needed outdoors. Itís another shining success for the growing company since it was founded in 2007.
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