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Added: 08/05/2005 - Alphonse Mpeke

I am soliciting your support today because I decided to take drastic decision of my life. I start a hunger strike this morning after talking with my children social worker Mr. Christopher Petersen. I can take the game any more. This case needs to be scrutinised in a public arena and have an open a debate on the policies concerning contact and custody of the children. I this country, cases am dealt often when the irreparable is committed. Then a public inquiry is called to have clarity on a case.

My name is Alphonse Mpeke 29, currently reading education and community studies degree and in my final year at the University of East London, with the hope to become a secondary teacher or work in the community field. Two years ago, I divorced a woman that I married in France without knowing that she was suffering from a severe mental illness called (schizophrenia also known as bipolar affective disorder). After seven years of misery, I decided to move on with my life.

I took her to court and after two years of fighting because she was deliberating avoiding the court of justice, after confiscating the children with the help of Newham social services, who at the first gave me the children. CAFCASS was involved and produced a report emphasising that the children should have more contact with me their father. After a year of contact with my children, my ex wife once again with the support of Newham social services stopped the contact I have with my children just because I am not getting involved in child protection conferences where all is decided before the conference and where my one views as a father are not taken in to account. Also, I know what will be the outcomes after a series to these attendances to these Child protection Conferences and first hand experience of prejudice from a panel lead by Mr Paul Marron the chairperson and Tim Mould my ex-wife social worker.

Mrs Mbimbiodi has a French Masters degree in social policies and is aware of the extent of her power as a mentally ill person in the UK. She has managed to manipulate all the professionals involved in the case. She constantly feeds Newham social services with false allegations just too kept pressure on me from Newham social services that put a shadow of suspicion on me without any investigation leading to a prosecution. I am just trying to get out of all this madness that is why I am doing what I am doing. I can't sit with impartial, subjective and incompetent public servants who are just abusing and misusing their powers.

My ex- wife breached the court order that was issued last year by Bow county court. I have then learn that the court order is a mere watch dog without any teeth when is about contact for father who want to see their children. She have now relapsed again (as this happens twice a year) despite a convincing report from her psychiatrist mentioning that she is not going to relapse again. She currently has custody of the children. The court order says that children should be in my care during her relapse. This time, with the support of social services again she gave the children to her pastor Aderunke of the Harmony Christian Centre in East Ham High Street North.

My solicitor can not do anything at the moment as the enquiry for legal aid is not responded yet. At the moment, all I want is to see my children otherwise. If I have to die, I want to die in order to serve a purpose that will highlighted the misadministration and gross misconduct of Newham social services that is deliberately imposing on people who are coming to their attention. Mr Paul Dockett, Mayank Joshi, Christopher Petersen, Dr. Mammod, Tim Mold, Pastor Aderunke, and the head teacher of my children school Mrs Flynt (Hartley Primary school) can now enjoy my break down. This is the effect of a mentally ill person over empowered by the networking of a local authority and Mrs Mbimbiodi my ex-wife friends with the aim to accomplish her revenge of being abandoned for another woman. I am on the process of editing a book to explain all this madness I went through with Newham Social services. I am lunching this national and international campaign to stop all this madness. Where is the justice? How can I live in a society without justice?

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