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Added: 04/29/2003

Advocates of the BBT (The Big Bang Theory) would have us believe that all elements of matter were produced within so many minutes (some say even within milliseconds) of the alleged 'Big Bang'. However, no one, (that is until now), has explained away: How? When? and Where? The Hydrogen atom " 'that primary building block of all elements of matter' " came into existence. Matter which we see being produced daily within our Sun and every Star in every galaxy and see stored within the outer gaseous planets of our solar system. Fortunately for the world of Science, Saad Gabr Al Tamimy, of Intelligent Data Systems, Dubai, has.

Tamimy's forthcoming 4 part documentary " "WE AND OUR SUN " FROM WHENCE TO WHERE (IN THE COSMOS & IN THE QUR'AN)? The True Story of The Creation & Formation of Our Universe" - demolishes all the false assumptions of the 'Big Bang' and the theory of a single life cycle for our sun. Following the classic scientific rules of goad (gaze, observe, analyse and deduce " the basic principles which everyone " including NASA seem to have conveniently ignored in this regard) " Saad Gabr Al Tamimy, the renowned Qur'an, Ballistics, and Information/Data management expert " who has spent the past 59 years in the G.O.A.D MODE that is Gazing, Observing, Analysing and Deducing the construction of our Universe " has concluded from his observations and the study of what we actually see taking place in the heavens today that: Neither the orderliness of the Cosmos, nor the Hydrogen atom, or the elements that go towards making it " could have ever been created through a BIG (let alone a small) BANG. An idea promoted and supported by secular governments the world over, with limitless budgets at their disposal to propagate such misleading, nonsensical notions.

Like Copernicus, Al Tamimy, is no stranger to controversy. At the tender age of 12, and already speaking fluent English & Arabic he gave up his studies at Al Azhar University in 1933. This followed a series of disagreements with professors many years his senior including his father, a professor of Qur'an, who eventually came round to his way of thinking. Today, at the age of 82, and still working 18 hours a day, he has lost nothing of his instinct for getting things right or his faculties of critical discernment. And although he would be the first to admit that he can at times have "a very short fuse" and does not suffer fools gladly. He says that: "The answer to understanding things correctly, lies in having an impartial disposition, and being prepared to look dispassionately, honestly and ruthlessly at all the evidence before our eyes."

Al Tamimy will hold a press conference on the 12th May in Dubai, UAE as well as a series of public lectures on his breakthrough at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry conference hall on the 30th April, 7th, 21st and 28th May 2003. At variance with Rutherford, and many of the all time greats of science, as early as 1941, Tamimy was already pointing out that intergalactic space was neither a vacuum nor a void and that the Hydrogen atom was, and still is, being created through the coalescing and axial rotation of what he says the Qur'an refers to as ""The Ratque'. Over half a century ago he described this Ratque as: "A cloud of rare gaseous units of energy " the one positive (+) the other negative (-) which through this process of axial generation eventually becomes a rotating Ratque of Hydrogen, leading on to become two successive versions of our existing solar system." The first being a prototype for calculating and calibrating the construction data, specifications and the permanent location of the second version at Yawm al Khulude " the Day after Yawm al Qayamat, that is to say " The actual Last Day of the first solar system.

Al Tamimy, further adds: "Like all the other Solar systems that have come and gone before ours " and there are another 400,000,000,000 (four hundred billion) in our galaxy alone with more being created daily, we are currently living in the first prototype version approaching Dooms Day, thereafter, we will be resurrected in the final version for our last and perpetual life floating in the Milky Way Galaxy within al Dahr."

Evidence from the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory, in orbit above the earth's atmosphere, confirms Tamimy's earlier Qur'anic findings: "Indeed, while intergalactic space was once thought to be empty, we now know that it is filled with clouds of high velocity gas that contain molecular hydrogen. This molecular hydrogen is thought to come from the condensation of hydrogen atoms that are just free electrons and protons""
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From his observations, Al Tamimy, concluded years ago that: "Everything observable thing in the universe is revolving around its own axis whilst rotating around other objects and the Hydrogen atom is clearly no exception to this rule. It is also clear that the hydrogen atom is composed of a single electron rotating around a single proton at a specific speed and distance from each other. The revolving of this rare gaseous Ratque leads on inexorably to the rotation of all else within it. So we can conclude from this that due to the laws of physics - in which similar charges repel and differing ones attract - when coupled with the laws of dynamics - that through the combined effects of these rotating electromechanical forces or laws that the hydrogen atom and everything else is formed; making it the universal unit of combined electromechanical energies."

In order to illustrate how the formational process of the Hydrogen atom occurs and the Laws, which govern it, it was necessary for Tamimy to invent a brand new intelligent data presentation system to cope with the task in hand. Thousands of man-hours and millions of dollars later he has come up with the first 1436 & 37 computer aided intelligent data display systems "which won't hang up."

"Unfortunately," says Al Tamimy, "Man is still, in most things, contentious and far too proud for his own good," therefore it takes him a long time to admit (on the rare occasions that he does) that he is either wrong or lost. "For example, when you find yourself in a hole the best thing to do is stop digging, and when we are lost to ask someone or consult a road map that does not keep leading you up the garden path. But, unfortunately, the prevailing canard of today is: "Only when all else fails do we read the instructions"

"These instructions in the Qur'an, that men fail to read, also explain how we should approach and observe the physical and metaphysical laws governing creation, for they are clearly designed by One Worthy of All Praise, One Whose Final Book to humanity " the Qur'an " contains all the answers, and explanations needed to arrive at certainty that its origins, message and mode of revelation are Divine in nature. Making it the book of instructions that men continue to ignore at their peril."

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