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Holistic Treatment for Anxiety has Proven Superior in Comparison to Pharmaceutical Treatments
Holistic Treatment for Anxiety has Proven Superior in Comparison to Pharmaceutical Treatments
Added: 03/26/2011 - Ryan

Grandville, March 1, 2011 - There are millions people in America who suffer from anxiety disorder, and most patients who try to overcome this condition with anxiety meds get easily discouraged. These medications have proven to be somewhat unreliable, especially when used as a single line of defense against chronic anxiety and panic according to Ryan Riviera, thinking about anxiety medications as a complete treatment for anxiety and panic attacks is not only inefficient, but also potentially harmful.

"There's a good reason why science has not been able to provide us with a magic pill that we can just gulp down and eradicate anxiety with" - says the anxiety specialist "anxiety disorder is not a single problem, but rather the result of a chronic imbalance in a patient's mind, body and emotions. The only way to dismiss this condition is by dismissing its underlying causes, which can be remarkably diverse. No pill can possibly treat the dozens of issues working together to source anxiety disorder, and what most anxiety meds do is just disguising the symptoms. which on the long run is bound to cause more damage than benefits."

According to Mr. Rivera from Calm Clinic who has himself suffered from anxiety disorder and panic attacks for most of his early adulthood, the first step towards effective anxiety treatment involves understanding its multiple causes. Some of them can be rather complex and elusive, others can be trivial and obvious. but all of these causes must be addressed in order to undermine the effects anxiety has over the patient. In short, anxiety is best dealt with using a holistic treatment that encompasses all levels of a patient's being, as opposed to focusing on biochemical considerations.

"Isolating the multiple causes of anxiety may require the combined efforts of a skilled physician and an insightful therapist, but once these causes have been determined, the patient becomes more qualified to change their own lives than anyone else in the world" Rivera points out with his cheerful but determined expression. "Embracing change is seldom easy, especially when it involves so many lifestyle adjustments; but for someone suffering from anxiety disorder, it's usually the difference between living a life of fear and unrest and having a peaceful and content existence."

According to Rivera, these changes commonly encompass a compromise to get more physical exercise, as well as getting involved in alternative therapies, learning new crafts, making specific nutritional changes, and even changing thought patterns and personal relationships. In broad terms, dealing with anxiety disorder usually involves activating the body, relaxing the mind and understanding one's own emotions. Only after the patient starts tackling these aspects at once, does the effectiveness of anxiety medications becomes relevant - and even then, they should be regarded as a stage of treatment, rather than a stand-alone cure.

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