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Host Color Announced Enhanced Dedicated Hosting Services
Host Color (HC) improved Internet bandwidth rates and added data transfer intelligence service to its U.S. based bare-metal dedicated hosting services.
Added: 11/11/2016 - PR Department

November 11 2016, South Bend, Indiana -†Host Color (HC), a provider of Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Computing and Infrastructure Hosting announced bandwidth increase and data transfer intelligence services on all Dedicated Servers, hosted in its Midwest U.S. based data center.

HC has added improved 100 Mbps unmetered bandwidth option and new data traffic intelligence service service to all Bare-Metal Dedicated Servers hosted in the companyís Midwestern data center based out of South Bend, Indiana. To take advantage of the improved terms and lowered service fee on the Unmetered 100 Mbps bandwidth ports, the companyís new clients should mark option "100 Mbps Unmetered Port" available in section "Promotional Offers" for each dedicated server hosting product.

All Bare-Metal Servers are connected on 1 Gbps ports. The option "100 Mbps Unmetered Port" allows HC clients to use any bandwidth rates up to 100 Mbps without being charged for overage data transfer usage. A logical limit of 100 Mbps applies to the physical 1 GigE ethernet ports and can be lifted per customerís request.

"Host Colorís Internet network AS46873 operates more than 70 peering agreements. Our clients deliver Internet content very fast with high quality to any point of North America", said the company's CEO Dimitar Avramov.

Alongside with the improved Internet bandwidth terms Host Color (HC) offers intelligence services on Dedicated Servers, hosted in its Midwest U.S. Data Center. The web hostís NPMTA network analytics platform allows Dedicated server owners to monitor business critical applications and network utilization. They can analyze bandwidth usage by application, user, protocol and location.

HC has recently announced the launch of Worldwide Dedicated Servers hosting services. Its clients now have access to Dedicated Hosting services five Asian POPs - Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Indiana POP in Pune/Mumbai.

About Host Color (AS46873) is a web hosting provider since 2000. It operates a fully-redundant, 100% uptime, SLA guarantee network connected to Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric,, US Signal and peers to more than 70 quality Internet networks and ISPs. The company's main data center is based out of South Bend, Indiana, 90 miles from Chicago. Its location and the quality Internet network, ensure the lowest possible latency to any point in North America and Europe. Host Color also provides disaster recovery, Colocation and Dedicated hosting in Europe through Host Color Europe.

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