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In-depth Research on Agriculture Technology Ecosystems Has Been Released by Intellias
Added: 05/05/2020 - Mariia

Intellias has released its recent whitepaper on the acute topic of "Sustainable Agriculture: From Tech Solutions to Ecosystem" in the light of the global challenges imposed on farmers and agricultural companies looking for a brand-new technological approach to digital farming.  


Based on in-depth research, this whitepaper examines proven agricultural technologies and how to combine them into a unified ecosystem that enables farmers to move toward sustainable agricultural practices. 


Intellias research provides valuable insights for agribusinesses and technology companies operating in the agricultural industry: 

  • - A clear and explanatory timeline of agricultural technologies demonstrating what has led to the current digital transformation in agriculture 

  • - A detailed and schematic overview of the global challenges farmers and agribusinesses will face in the near future and that are driving them to adopt digital technologies 

  • - A comprehensive list of technology solutions by global AgriTech providers that enables farmers to improve their business operations and their work in the field 

  • - A guide for agribusinesses and technology companies on how to unite separate digital solutions into a borderless ecosystem that provides a new path to sustainable and profitable agriculture 

  • - Research backed by quotes from industry leaders, agricultural surveys, data-driven reports, and real-life use cases 


This research addresses the importance of sustainability in light of global climate changes and growing demand for food Intellias
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