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Japan Toys Market Will Cross Over JPY 850 Billion in 2025
Free Access/Read Japan Toys Market and its segments such as Educational Toys, Hobby, Cards Games, Trading Card Games, Stationery, Boys Character, Girl's Toys, Seasonal Toys, Boy's Toys, Stuffed Toys,
Added: 08/10/2020 - Rohan Dev

"Toys" not only attracts kids but also youth and adults too. It plays major entertainment medium and learning tools for kids. According to the age and kids interest, it is categorized as Educational Toys, Hobby, Cards Games Trading Card Games, Stationery, Boys Character, Girl's Toys, Seasonal Toys, Boy's Toys, Stuffed Toys, Games, Jigsaw Puzzles and Interactive Toys etc. 

Japan Toys Market is marginally growing in past couple of years. It is anticipated that Japan toys market will likely to reach JPY 856 Billion in 2025. Educational Toys, Hobby, Cards Games Trading Card Games, these three toys categories will contribute more than half of the total Japanese toys market.

Educational Toys 

These kinds of toys are normally bought to develop learning skills among the kids. Now days, parents are very keen for their kids educations. So, they want to develop learning skills during their childhood. It is one of the most popular toys segment in Japanese toys market.


Hobby market is mainly aimed at hardcore hobbyists from middle school through adulthood in Japanese market. Radio controlled and plastic models are two popular types of hobby products in this market place. It is comparatively expensive with respect to other toys.

Cards Games, Trading Card Games

In Japan, Cards Games Trading Card Games are steadily popular as about 1 out of every 3 people in Japan would have picked up a Trading Card Games (TCG) in middle school and continue to play those trading card games throughout their lives.


Stationery can be found in many places in Japan and the selection can be dauntingly large. Pricing depends on the store and item. Japan stationary market is one of the dominating markets in the Japan toys and games market.

Boys Character

Boy character toys provide a rich opportunity for children to engage in pretend play and valuable opportunities for literacy development in Japan toys market. It includes Gundam, Power Rangers, Masked Rider, Devil's Blade, Detective Conan etc.

Girl's Toys

Girls' toys are specifically targeted for girls by the toy companies in the Japanese toys market. Japanese dolls are one of the popular girls toy in this market place. Japan girls toys market is expected to grow in coming years.

Seasonal Toys

Seasonal toy sales peak in the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Years due to toys companies release their featured products in Japanese toys market. Japan Seasonal toys market is expected to turn down in coming years.

Boy's Toys

Boy’s toys market is one of the popular toys segment in Japan Toys and Games Market. Its market size is expected to grow during the forecasting period.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed or plush toys are a children's toy, typically a toy animal, made of soft fabric and stuffed with cotton or a similar filling. Stuffed toys are simple and unlike robots cannot move. But there is something about their presence that brings out kindness in people.


Games in Japan have a long and rich history, some of them dating back hundreds of years. Others, however, have only emerged in the recent decade. Hanafuda, Hyakuin Isshu, Shogi, Othello and Mahjong are popular games in Japan.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle is a game that tests a person's ingenuity or knowledge which is generally made with wood or metal. Jigsaw puzzles have been increasing in popularity since corona infections in Japan toys and games market.

For Free Read, Please Click: Japan Jigsaw Puzzles Market & Forecast

Interactive Toys

Interactive or high tech toys, which has numerous sensors and internal AI-driven computers that need to go into them to give them interactive functionality, are inherently priced very high compared with other toys. 


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