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LSoft Technologies releases KillDisk Desktop v2.1
LSoft Technologies, a leader in data sanitization solutions, released KillDisk Desktop v2.1 with new pre-configured options and updated pre-installed software.
Added: 08/19/2020 - LSoft Technologies

February 23, 2020: LSoft Technologies is proud to announce the release of KillDisk Desktop v2.1, the enterprise-grade disk sanitization solution for businesses. The latest build is available with custom hardware solutions for desktop and 3U and 4U form factors. It includes between five and 25 hot-swappable drive slots, making disk sanitization at scale faster and easier than ever before.

The tray-free hot swaps also support standard 3.5" and 2.5" hard disk drives and solid state drives. All versions include the latest version of KillDisk Industrial Software (version 2.1). Optional pre-configured systems with touch-screen or wireless tablet control centers are also available. Finally, the newest build also offers pre-configured optional laser or label printers for printing out certificates and labels.

Why use KillDisk Desktop? Retiring old computing assets is never as simple as just taking them to a landfill site or selling and donating them. Retired storage assets such as hard drives and solid state drives, typically contain a wealth of valuable and potentially confidential information.

Formatting the drives isn't going to keep it safe from prying eyes either, since using the right software, it is usually very easy to recover deleted data. Alternatively, you might consider physically destroying the old drives, but that's certainly not the most environmentally friendly option.

Instead, you might sell or donate them for an additional stream of revenue. But, before you do, you will need to ensure they have been completely wiped and that any data originally kept on the drives can never be recovered. KillDisk Desktop securely erases any writable storage media by performing multiple passes to overwrite the original data. It conforms to globally recognized standards, including those adhered to by the US Department of Defense.

It can also print a certificate as proof of data destruction once the operation has been completed. Using the hardware-based version lets you erase multiple disks at the same time, which is ideal if you're retiring an old data center or storage area network. Find out more at

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