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Linda Beers Violin Studio Releases New Environmental Awareness Music Animation Video
New Music Animation Video raises awareness of animal extinction.
Added: 05/25/2017 - Linda Beers has just released an environmentally inspired video which uses the metaphor of an old Chinese folk tale to tell the story of extinction. Using original violin music, poetry and animation, "Song of Spring" tells the story about a beautiful Chinese girl who is the beloved of a local farmer who only admires her from a distance. One night, the girl (Hualing) is spirited away in a dream by unknown forces. She is carried over mountains with sharp edges, dirt, and sea. She eventually disintegrates into dust, never to be seen or heard from again.

Inspired by the Discovery Channel's documentary "Racing Extinction" in which the story of the Kauai Oo bird's extinction is revealed, it shows that the Oo bird was essentially loved to extinction. This species became extinct in 1987. Oo birds were singing birds and the final male bird sang for a female bird who would never reply.

"After watching this documentary, I knew that I had to do something to bring awareness to extinction," states Linda Beers, violinist and author of "Song of Spring." "I have always been concerned about the environment, the welfare of animals, and human rights. When I was in high school, I performed a folk song for a Chinese New Year celebration held at Brookhaven National Laboratory. The impact of playing this song to the audience made a permanent impression on me in terms of how music can transport one to a completely different place and time. So perhaps a video weaving violin and poetry would have a great impact as well on the topic of extinction."

The "Song of Spring" animated video runs just under three minutes. The violin solo "Song of Spring" was written in the spring of 2016 for an Earth Day program performance. The script and scene descriptions were written in the fall of 2016. Next to follow was collaboration with animator Susan Lee, a connection through Full Sail University. In mid February, 2017, actor Cecilia Lee recorded the voice over narration.

The message of this movie is to not be like Chaoxiang. If there is something you feel strongly about, dont wait to act upon it because you might lose your opportunity forever.

For more information and to view the video please visit

The Linda Beers Violin Studio is a home studio located in Avon, CT. It was founded by Linda Beers Violinist and teacher in 1995. Suzuki and traditional violin methods are taught here.

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