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London Club Promoter Releases New Erotica Book Based on Real-Life Experiences
Added: 04/06/2016 - Elena Hexthorn

London, April 6th – Elena Hexthorn: a 20-year veteran fetish club promoter and campaigner for better sex has released her first anthology of short stories called "Very Kinky Girls" with a positive politic behind these highly amusing erotic tales. The female characters are wild, humorous and empowered.

They carry out their sexual fantasies often anonymously and explore infinitely fascinating states of kinky psychology with London, U.K. as the backdrop for this set of stories This book acts as a gateway to understanding the mindset of kinky thinking. Male characters in the stories are just as much fun as it’s frequently their intelligence and not their net worth that makes them suitable candidates for the very kinky girls’ sexual experimentation.   
A former writer at Penguin Random House but now choosing the self-publishing route: Elena’s first book is available now in print and as a kindle download via amazon. It will also be available on iBooks and most formats worldwide by April 20 2016, priced £6.99 / $9.99 (print) £4.99 / $6.99 (download).
Quote (Elena Hexthorn) "It was the years of working on the fetish scene that made me come to understand what there is to enjoy psychologically about sex. That is what drove me on to write the book. I know for a fact that many solid relationships falter because the sex can go to ground. If more people could open their mind to the idea of sexual fantasy exploration without feeling stigmatised.

I think a lot of relationships could be saved, and be stronger. So, whether this should be classified as erotica or a recipe book for better kinky sex remains to be seen. I wrote the book for women who want to explore their sexual side and men who enjoy a bit of light-hearted objectification. It is disconcerting for any man that thinks he has to be a billionaire with a helicopter before he can be deemed worthy of enjoying the escapism of being viewed in his sexual light.

Because London is a huge city, you can carry out a lot of unusual fantasies with complete strangers without detection. I have been the guinea pig for this and it’s been the books’ core of trying of help people to understand their uniquely exotic sides at the deepest level. The human brain is the biggest sex organ without a doubt. It releases 5 different types of pleasure endorphins.

If we use these natural drugs in our bodies, we don’t need the chemical substitutes like drink and drugs to have fun. All the characters are consenting, do as they please and that happens to be outrageous, free and very kinky."

Elena Hexthorn is a writer, photographer, painter & organiser of the long - standing fetish event: London Fetish Fair.
5 STARS: By  Amazon Customer on 16 Mar. 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Some people paint, some people sketch, some people talk. What Ms Hexthorn does is create incredibly vivid pictures with words. London becomes a place where your imagination takes flight, the vivid flash of neon, the sounds, the smells and above all the people. The stories themselves are well constructed, the characters are believable and the style of writing is both witty and engaging.
All in all an enjoyable read.
5 STARS: By J HARDY on 1 April 2016
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
For me, the best story by far was the 1st one, a horny read! 
'Shopping' was amusing, & delved into one of my kind of kinks: public naughtiness.
'Bite' also had me giggling, a bit of humiliation can be good. No doubt his bratty behavior would be punished VERY painfully later.
Those for me, were the highlights of the book. I was pleased I bought it.
5 STARS: By A Customer on 21 Mar. 2016
Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
Well what a book this is fantastic. It's hot and steamy. I have tried a few Dommes in my past. I want to meet these girls, they were great! If you want something very sticky and very steamy get this now.
5.0 out of 5 starsAwesome debut for Elena.
- END -

Elena Hexthorn
BCM London Fetish Fair
27 Old Gloucester St
Elena Hexthorn WC1N3XX

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