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Maine Coon Companion Launches Breed Specific Online Advice for Cat Lovers
Added: 09/13/2010 - Sarah Charlotte

, ( Prfocus ) September 13, 2010 - A cat lover in England has created Maine Coon Companion. Working mom, Sarah Charlotte has launched an online portal inspired by her newsletter that grew to a subscriber list of over 8000 Maine Coon lovers. The new website features Maine Coon pictures ( ), information about the Maine Coon, advice for prospective owners and tips about the care of the breed.

"There’s much more to becoming a Maine Coon owner than simply finding a cat you like the look of," says website founder, Sarah Charlotte. " offers tips from firsthand experience to help make the decision easier;" she adds.

The website reveals the steps to take when searching for a purebred Maine Coon cat; as well as places to look when considering adoption.

The new website also set to offer a free 12 part e-course for new owners. In addition to the tips and information for new owners looking for Maine Coon kittens for sale ( ), the website serves as a community for fans of the breed to share insights into the true Maine Coon personality ( ), suggestions and the pitfalls to avoid when buying a new Maine Coon kitten.

About Sarah Charlotte

Sarah Charlotte has owned two pedigree Maine Coons since 2003 and produced a newsletter for over 8000 Maine Coon owners in 17 different countries from 2006-08. Although, there was plenty of information online about Maine Coons provided by experts, breeders and organizations, she felt as though much of it was the same and not updated regularly. Sarah believed there weren't enough dedicated places online where Maine Coon lovers could read regularly updated experiences from a pet owners' perspective, ask questions and leave comments. Visitors to are invited to add their own tips and views to specific topic articles.


Maine Coon Companion
95 Hexham Road
Inverlauren G84 0JZ

Site URL:
Phone: 07980897010
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Email: Contact
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