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Mocassins Are Coming To Fashionable Wardrobes
Added: 03/22/2012 - Shelbe

In spite of the recent arrival of spring and temperatures that are warming up, you can't yet jump into your sandals.  A model that's been forgotten is now coming back on the fashion scene: the loafer, also better known as a moccasin.  Forget the grandma footwear, the concept has been dusted off to bring charm and style to all those who dare to try it.  And when we mix it with a boyish style, its all good!

Betty London is destined for women, all women. For those who want to be seductive. For city girls who have daily adventures. For audacious girls who aren't afraid to hold back in terms of attitude and style: glamour from day to day. For these women and all others, Betty London has designed a shoe collection that includes the season's latest trends in accessible styles. Whether for a day at the office or going to pick up the kids at school, a romantic dinner or a night out on the town with friends, Betty London shoes are the ideal partner for your most important occasions.
Born in the heart of Tuscany in 1962, Boemos is the alliance of two master craftsmen who strove for the excellence of its products in terms of quality and style to appeal to city dwellers looking for accessories to be associated with their racy looks . The craftsmanship of our products ensures all day comfort to the styles can be worn every day.Always at the forefront of fashion, Boemos definitely rooted in the tradition of Italian shoes offer aesthetic and easy going style.

Launched more than 40 years ago, the German brand is today present in more than 40 countries worldwide. First focusing on clothing, today they offer shoe collections and accessories collections that are as trendy as they are affordable. From the trainer to the court shoe, from the belt to the handbag, the brand emphasizes comfort and quality, without forgetting very trendy designs at affordable prices. Fashionistas who want to show off their "l'Esprit" will find everything they are looking for!

Hailing from Tuscany, in the province of Pisa, Tremp continues to build on the myth of the Italian shoe: stylish and elegant models to be worn everyday. Very high-quality materials and simple yet stylish designs make each Tremp shoe an exceptional product. Available worldwide, the brand continues to seduce urban trendsetters day after day.
To give you the chance to live in harmony with nature: that is the ambition of Aigle. Appearing in France in 1853, they have developed a unique know-how to offer those passionate about outdoor activities functional and durable products. Hiking, skiing, horseback riding, boating: Aigle has invested themselves in numerous sports and developped technical products that respond to your every need. Between globe-trotting boots and urban adventurer shoes, the brand has even made the famous rubber rain boot a must-have. To wear Aigle is to let yourself go to nature, to preserve natural resources, to open yourself up to the world and take note of the beauty of nature.

About Europe's number one on-line shoe store   
Founded in 2006, Spartoo is the leading French online shoe retailer with more than shoes with more than 400 brands (Pataugas, Geox, Converse, Adidas, Birkenstock...) and more than 15000 models boots, trainers, ballerina flats, court shoes, derbies, sandals...) With an international presence (Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany), Spartoo is among one of the top 10 e-commerce websites behind La Redoute, 3suisses, (source: Médiametrie) and one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in Europe (source:
•    Projected turnover 2011 : 100 million euros.
•    Turnover 2010 : 50 million euros.
•    Turnover 2009 : 30 million euros.
•    Turnover 2008 : 15 million euros.
•    Turnover 2007 : 5 millions euros.
•    More than 5 million unique visitors in July 2011 (Médiametrie, Europe).
•    Top 10 of e-commerce websites behind La Redoute, 3suisses (Médiametrie, 2011).
•    Top 10 of companies with the strongest growth in Europe (, 2011).
•    Only e-commerce site selected by French Tech Tour en 2011.
•    Workforce : 120 employees.

Spartoo UK
16 rue Henri Barbusse
Spartoo UK XX 38100

Site URL:
Phone: 02030264358
FAX: 02030264358
Email: Contact
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