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Movie Producer Michael Z. Gordon chases Worst Enemy:
By Publicist Pamela Faye
Added: 07/10/2006 - Pamela Faye - Publicist

Co-authoring the screenplay 'My Own Worst Enemy' with Hollywood producer Michael Z. Gordon, L.A. screenplay writer Daniel Guardino is set to make his mark on the movie industry in the not too distant future.

With movie production credits rolling for 'Narc' – 'In Enemy Hands' – 'Mafioso' – 'Angels In The Endzone' – 'From The Earth To The Moon' – and the newly released production 'The Devil & Daniel Webster' starring Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins - producer Michael Z. Gordon now sets out after the movie script 'My Own Worst Enemy'.

When interviewed last week, producer Michael Z. Gordon said: "I think that it is important for the industry to know that I just don't do any film that comes along. I try to do meaningful films that may not be financially successful, but receive critical acclaim. 'Narc' and 'The Devil & Daniel Webster' are good examples. They have an excellent cast of actors - Ray Liotta, Jason Patric for 'Narc', and Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kim Cattrall and Dan Akroyd for 'The Devil and Daniel Webster".

With many successful movie credits to his name, Michael Z. Gordon's productions are sure to secure a steady flow of movie buffs craving his production. Michael's latest project, 'My Own Worst Enemy', already in its early stages of development, lends this story to great actors such as Renιe Zellweger, Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, or Matthew McConaghe.

Asked about his long career in the movie industry, Michael Z. Gordon had this to reflect upon: "I made a conscious decision to start making movies while I was involved with the music production on 'Pulp Fiction'. One day on the set it suddenly dawned on me that this was what I really wanted to do.

Michael Z. Gordon also spoke of his first television and music production: "That would have been 'From The Earth To The Moon' which Tom Hanks produced for HBO. We did a song that I published called, 'Let's Go!'".

"My favorite movie? … I think 'The Devil & Daniel Webster'. It's a great story, dating back to the 1930's. I am still trying to get Bob Yari to use my song in the opening credits of the movie.

Michael Z. Gordon's music spans decades of song writing. The music producer was asked about his love of music. "All the songs I've written weren't necessarily written for movies. I've written over 200 songs, of which I have had over 100 recordings." When asked about his favorite song Michael offered: "I think my favorite would be the song that Jimmy Griffin and I wrote for TD&DW. It's called, 'Something Else Altogether'. Jimmy passed away shortly after we wrote the song so it would be a fitting tribute to him to have that song in the film.

Awards for movie production are nothing new to this Hollywood music producer. Michael Z. Gordon spoke of the accolades he has received from within the music and movie production industries: "I've received awards for the songs 'Outer Limits' and 'Apologize'. 'Narc' and 'Mafioso' have also received several awards as well.

The producer's love of music spans back to his early days in high school when he bought a book of piano cords then taught himself to play the piano on his lunch breaks. Michael Z. Gordon enlightened, "The guitar was the next natural step since it's rather difficult to lug a piano around the country. I was very lucky that my first song, 'Surfer's Stomp' was a hit. I recognized the start of a new era of music, the surfing craze, and that pretty much convinced me that I should be doing music." In the early years Michael teamed up with Jimmy Griffin to write songs for artists such as Cher, Leslie Gore, Brian Hyland, Gary Lewis, and The Standells.

With the movie productions, 'Mafiosa' - 'Holla' - 'Grapefruit Moon' – 'Hello, My Name is Jason Scott' – 'Dick and Jane vs. The World' and 'The Courier' in the pipeline , Michael Z. Gordon's latest co-authored movie script 'My Own Worst Enemy', with L.A. screenplay writer Daniel Guardino, is destined to be one movie production for movie goers to look forward to in the future.

## Movie Producer Michael Z. Gordon is available for interviews (818) 704 7551 California. The procucer's Movie Production "Holla" - horror/commedy - will be released in November 2006.

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