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New Author Chris Bedford Debut Sci-Fi Novel - The Man From Marsden - 19th May 2014
New Author Chris Bedford Debut Science Fiction Novel - The Man From Marsden, delivers mystery and abduction at it's best. ISBN: 978-1-909049-27-7
Added: 05/19/2014 - Phillip Grizzell


Sam Greenwood worked at the local mill both as a man and boy. He married his childhood sweetheart, Helen who was the mill owner's daughter. Before he died her father welcomed Sam into the family and gave him a seat on the Board. His life seemed perfect.

That was until Helen's tragic death under mysterious circumstances. Sam suspected that the other members of the Board were covering something up, however his persistence resulted in his dismissal.

Following the bust-up Sam caught the last bus out of Marsden on what turned out to be a journey that never reached its destination. The bus was found abandoned on the snow swept moor tops and both Sam and the Driver had disappeared without a trace. At the time the local press was full of stories of alien abduction and as a result the sleepy little village of Marsden became popular as a U.F.O. tourist destination.

Two years later Sam returns to Marsden resurrecting the cult status of the village. In a series of presentations he courts the media and locals with stories of his abduction and he goes about putting things right with the aid of two mysterious friends.

Available to order NOW!

Paperback: 330 pages
Publisher: Creative Print Publishing Ltd (May 19, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1909049277

Sample Chapter:

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