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New Novel by Lawrence David Niren: THE TALIONIS OF BRETT KAVANAUGH
Added: 01/04/2019 - Lawrence David Niren

   New novel by Lawrence David Niren: THE LEX TALIONIS OF BRETT KAVANAUGH

Dec. 29, 2018 LEX TALIONIS.doc

Lawrence David Niren, the author of JUVIA, KENNEDY & THE TRIAL AND CONFESSION OF TRUMP; and COMPASSION I and II, all on Amazon, announces the January 1, 2019 publication of his latest novel on Amazon called THE LEX TALIONIS OF BRETT KAVANAUGH, which is a fictional account of a "what if scenario" on Brett Kavanaugh: A thriller that asks the questions: 

Did Brett Kavanaugh rape a girl of 16, who cannot tell her story today, because she died.

Did Brett Kavanaugh perjure himself to Congress during his confirmation hearings in the first week of September, starting on September 4, 2018?

Did Brett Kavanaugh perjure himself to God when he swore to God under oath that every single thing that he testified to Congress, and to the entire world about, was the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help him God?

Will God punish Brett Kavanaugh for swearing on the Bible that he was telling the truth, when in fact he was lying to God through and through?

Did Brett Kavanaugh sell his soul to the Devil to get a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court?

Did Brett Kavanaugh attempt to rape Dr. Christine Blasey Ford when she was only 15? 

Did Brett Kavanaugh force Deborah Ramiriez to touch his exposed privates against her will?

Did Brett Kavanaugh sexually assault any other girls or young women in his life?

Are more than 90% of the 307 court rulings of the Brett Kavanaugh's tenure as a judge for 12 years on The United States Court Of Appeals On The District Of Columbia Circuit, all against: the Constitution, small workers, civil, women, human, and minority rights, the environment, innocent people, the homeless, people who were ill and poor, poverty stricken citizens, the right for a woman to choose, innocent children in schools who are killed by guns, anyone else who died from violence, immigrants seeking asylum, as is written in the law, and for a belief that a corrupt President can be above the law, and therefore that a sitting President cannot be charged with a crime, even when he is guilty?
These and other questions that are answered here, are the subjects of the newest thriller.

Lawrence David Niren   in San Diego   619-206-6883   [email protected] 

615 C. Street, Suite 116
Mr. CA 92101

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Phone: 6192066883
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