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New Release! Pick up your copy of Plushinomicon: The Legends of Teddy Bear Island today!
Added: 08/09/2016 - Kristi King-Morgan

Published by Dreaming Big Publications in collaboration with Orcs Unlimited, Plushinomicon: The Legends of Teddy Bear Island is the collection of curious, creepy, and downright crazy adventures based on the soon-to-be-released role playing game from Orcs Unlimited.

These be not the cuddly lot who protected ye from the monsters under your bedÖ These be the monsters.

Teddy Bear Island has as many grizzly tales as it does flesh-eating plushies, and itís bursting at the seams. From the elven vagabond lurking the jungle to the hired mercenaries looting the temple, every corner of the island has its own history, and its own secrets. On Teddy Bear Island, escape is never easy, and nothing is quite as innocent as it appears. Grab your toughest dwarves, your surliest orcs, and your most loyal kobolds, and get ready to spill some stuffing.

Plushinomicon contains stories written with the world and characters from Orcs Unlimited's soon-to-be-released role playing game, Teddy Bear Island, coming in September. These short stories are suitable for use as campaign starts for game play, or to be enjoyed on their own. You don't have to play the game to enjoy these stories, and you won't need these stories to play the game!

This collection is now available for purchase on Amazon.
Paperback: $8.00
Ebook: $2.99

Please contact Kristi at dreamingbigpublications(at) to request review copies or to receive exclusive author interviews, notice of new releases, and cover reveals.

Dreaming Big Publications
102 First East St.
Dreaming Big Publications MS 39482

Site URL:
Phone: 601 394-8813
FAX: (none)
Email: Contact
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