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New product launch for Nomadic Display
Added: 03/07/2019 - Kristian Sheridan

FOLLOWING on from the highly successful ‘BrightWall2’ backlit display system launch
in Dusseldorf last year, Louisburgh based company Nomadic Display has now launched its new ‘EDGE’ modular fabric display system. The launch took place in the Hilton Hotel (Dublin)
Attended by more than 40 of the company’s international distributors, the day-long event
was an opportunity for the company’s Mayo based management team to showcase the new product to their international client base and how it will critically address new trends in the exhibition industry.
Commenting at the event, Nomadic Display’s Managing Director Jerome Gannon, stated
that the addition of EDGE to the company’s product range will afford its partners the opportunity to keep fully up to speed with changes in the exhibition and trade show industries, where there is an ever-increasing use of high quality printed fabric to communicate client messaging.
"The EDGE system will enhance the look of Nomadic Display designed exhibition stands, making them more aesthetically pleasing, more functional and more distinguishable from competitive offerings. Much of the competition in the exhibition world today is emanating from products made in Asia, primarily China and India. Nomadic Display prides itself as a fully based European manufacturing facility where the emphasis is on quality, high service levels and product warranties and most importantly, the building of long lasting business relationships with our customers," said Mr Gannon. 
Nomadic Display’s Exhibition Design Manager Damien Fee, in outlining the advantages of
EDGE, focused on the recent changes taking place in the exhibition world and the need for
Nomadic Display to keep fully synced with the latest trends in the market place.
"DESIGN is very much at the heart of everything we do at Nomadic Display. The theme of
this latest product launch is ‘Design, Build, Grow’, where we place a big emphasis on getting
a good design for our customers based on their brief and their unique requirements. We then
proceed to build a stand and the client fully understands that this stand can grow at any stage
in the future, as all Nomadic Display products are fully reconfigurable and integretable with
one another. Money spent with Nomadic Display should be seen as an investment and not just a cost, as a Nomadic Display designed and built stand is, to a large extent, future proofed,"
said Mr Fee. Marketing is a central part of Nomadic Display’s relationship with its distribution partners and the company’s Marketing Manager Kristian Sheridan presented the latest marketing materials to support the promotion of EDGE.
Commenting at the launch, Kristian outlined the role marketing is playing in the exhibition
world today and how Nomadic Display continue to develop its multiple European web sites to promote and enhance the Nomadic Display brand.
"Being associated with the Nomadic Display brand as an official distributor, enables Nomadic Display’s partners to promote themselves as the representatives of a company that
has over forty years’ experience in the exhibition industry. In addition, those working with
Nomadic Display enjoy the benefits of an internationally recognised brand with
an established reputation for quality, excellent service levels, both before and after the sale
process, and a genuine commitment to long term business relationships," stated Kristian.
ADDRESSING the area of quality and logistics, Nomadic Display’s Operations Manager,
Tommie Harrington, outlined the company’s approach to achieving the highest levels of
quality in terms of materials and workmanship.
"Nomadic Display has a reputation for the supply of high quality products and maintaining
this reputation is a number one priority for all the team at Nomadic Display. As a company,
based on the west coast of Ireland, there is an added challenge in getting products to the European market place in a timely manner. In recent times, customers are demanding
faster turnaround times and Nomadic Display must ensure its production approach is reviewed and changed where necessary, on an ongoing basis, to satisfy customer demands," added
Mr Harrington.
The EDGE launch was followed by dinner, and a promotion of Ireland with a video production
of Ireland at its best, and a session of traditional Irish music, which was well received by the
international audience in attendance.

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