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Now you can play with the Orchestra
Added: 11/22/2005 - Michelle Lee

Australian based company "In the Chair" will today release their new software product called " "In the Chair" at the Australian & New Zealand Technology Showcase Conference in Silicon Valley. Instead of purchasing a ticket to listen to the symphony orchestra, you can purchase a ticket to play along with the orchestra. This innovative new technology streams music and video over the Internet and enables aspiring musicians to indulge in their fantasy of playing in a professional band or orchestra.

Mr David Evans, CEO of In the Chair, said the software was developed to reignite excitement in practicing music.

"The software places the musician inside a virtual band or orchestra. Through a broadband connection, you can hear and see the band as you watch the conductor and play along from your chosen seat" Evans said. "That's why it is called "In the Chair".

"You select the music, degree of difficulty and play your own instrument at home as if sitting In the Chair, onstage with the world's leading orchestras" said Evans.

He describes the ability of the software to judge your playing and provide instant feedback.

"In the Chair is like a game, it is revolutionising the way we practise music. Not only is it interactive and highly entertaining, In the Chair also allows you to improve your instrumental skills. It is a learning tool too, that judges pitch, timing, loudness and tone. No other software has allowed you to just pick up your own instrument and play, but this is what In the Chair does!"

Evans announced that as part of its worldwide release today in Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, In the Chair is currently available to be downloaded for free from its website (

Initially aimed at clarinet and flute players, In the Chair will soon be available for all instruments of the orchestra and eventually for rock and pop instruments as well.

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