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Packing for Trekking in Nepal
Nepal Trekking, Hiking in Nepal, Treks in Nepal
Added: 08/23/2016 - Dipak Lamichhane

Packing your things, clothing and types of gear among alternate things, are a standout amongst the most key things to finish your trekking in Nepal. Keep in mind that you need to pack light and keen for a happy with trekking knowledge in Nepal. Utilize this rundown beneath to pack your things. Use it as a guideline for your packing. Accurate rundown relies on upon the trekking destination and different elements identified with you, the trekker.

We have aggregated the following rundown of things you have to pack considering keeping in mind the top period of trekking in Nepal. Trekking in different seasons may oblige you to make changes in this rundown. Counsel with your trekking organization for the exact rundown.


Lightweight hiking boots (ensure you break them much sooner than beginning your trek)

Lightweight elastic shoes or shoes (shut foot are better) for evening time walk, showers

Hiking stuns and a couple of track shoes

Long sleeve trekking shirts and long sleeve cotton shirt (lightweight)

Long and lightweight trekking pants, dash off are favored

Climbing/Trekking pants

Delicate shell jeans and Hard shell pants

Windproof and waterproof coat

Light weight rain coat

Woolen or crested caps, for assurance against sun or wind

Gloves, windproof best, and snappy dry towel

Warm inner wears

Easygoing clothing

Shade cap and warm fleece

Neck hotter and Ear Muffs

Other clothing as required

Hardware and Accessories

Duffel packs or Rucksack (tough and waterproof duffels are ideal)


4 regular sleeping packs

Down coat

Waterproof plastic packs for organizing gear and grimy clothings

Latrine and Personal cleanliness frill (toothpaste and brush, cleanser and hand-wash, face and body lotion, nail scissors, sanitizers, Tissue/Toilet move, Nail scissors, Wipes, Feminine items, and so forth.)

Water bottles

Washing things

Little headlamps and/or lights with extra battery and globules or candles and lighter

Different extras as required

Emergency treatment

Physician recommended drugs

Anti-infection agents for respiratory issues

Medicines for gastrointestinal issues

Medicines for acclimatization (Diamox-converse with specialist for this)

Ibuprofin, Aceteminophen, Aspirin (in the wake of consulting with your specialist)

Bandaids and mortars

Cloth gauze, Ace wrap and tape

Disinfectant, Antiseptic cream, anti-microbial ointment

Water cleansing pills


Legitimate Passport

A few photos (international ID size photographs, more than 2 duplicates)

Legitimate airline tickets

Dollars, Pounds or Euros in real money for purchasing Nepalese visa at Kathmandu airplane terminal and for paying in different spots during your trek you may better trade some of it for nearby cash

Mastercards, ATM cards or money machine cards for withdrawing assets, explorer's checks, and so forth.

(Note: Make a few duplicates of important archives, for example, visa. Make an advanced duplicate also so that in the event of crisis you have a move down.)

Various Items

Cash belts

Shades and caps

Inflatable neck cushions

Locker for your knapsack

Expansive plastic rubbish packs

Folding knife or little Swiss armed force sort

Manuals, individual journal


Insect repellant

We trust that this rundown demonstrates extremely supportive for your packing to different interesting and audacious destinations in Nepal. Counsel with us or you're trekking organization for exact rundown and have exchange with different trekkers, in the event that you know or on the off chance that you can get in touch with them, who have returned as of late from the destination you plan to go. Pack keen and trek well. Have cheerful trekking kindred trekkers!

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