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Prince Dre The President Releases New Music - Go Ahead
Added: 07/25/2020 - D. Baldwin

Los Angeles, CA - USA | July 23, 2020 -- Prince Dre The President is a rap artist, a record label owner and entertainer from Arkansas that has become known for his keen lyrics and rhythmic flow that will make you laugh at times while he is also bringing out the realities of life beyond the girls, cars and clothes that we normally hear from many rap artists. The El Dorado, Arkansas native just released his new video "GO AHEAD" that shows the realities of street life and reflects how it really is compared to those that only talk about the life to glorify it for music downloads and social media likes.

Prince Dre The President is dedicated to honing his skills as an all around performer. Arkansas is getting the recognition needed beyond the "Banging In Little Rock" stigmatism brought forward by the documentary in the 90ís the putting a different spotlight on the Little Rock community. Arkansas is showcasing talent as Bankroll Freddie is signed to Quality Control now giving others the opportunity to see what Arkansas has to offer.

When Prince Dre The President performs, he commands the stage with his cutting edge songs and the passion he puts into every show is noticeable with the southern flow and accent. In a short period of time, Prince Dre The President has garnered the respect of peers and veterans of the music industry as he has touched down in Los Angeles and graced the crowd with his Southern flow.

Prince Dre The President is signed to Royal-Tee records and is looking for more artists to add to the roster. He is currently managed by Underground Hits Production, which has helped get Prince Dre The President get his songs into films and documentaries as well. Prince Dre The President dropped the "Relentless 4" project with 10 new songs thatís available on all platforms and be on the look out for the new album "O.G. 4".

"Whacked" -
"Go Ahead" -
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