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 Prev  Next launches an effective plugin to simplify its users' experience, online security & privacy solutions provider, announces the implementation of a one-click plugin for its Proxy services
Added: 11/15/2016 - Mary Novak

With the present-day IT market being oversaturated with most versatile offers, it’s of utmost importance to be 200% user-oriented and come up with innovations that enable end users to surf the Web at a click of a button, verbatim. 
According to neurological and psychological researches, in the situation of choice (e.g. to pass through a single test or a complicated sequence of trials to get some answer / solution / prize), the variant a person would choose, with 98% probability, will be a simple and straightforward one, with less number of mental steps. A human mind prefers the easiest solution in order to save energy and efforts. 
With this peculiarity of consumers’ psychology in mind, has launched a plugin in order to simplify its users’ surfing experience. Due to the exploitation of this plugin, users can change their IP address in one click, without additional multi-tier installations and complicated registration procedures.
Right now, this Proxy plugin is available for Chrome and Opera browsers . Besides, the company announces the strategy of expanding the availability of this Proxy plugin onto other browsers – Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Edge. They will be available in the coming weeks. 
Due to Proxy services, users can:
  • hide / change their IP address, thus, protecting their privacy
  • surf from any country of the world without any blockages
  • protect sensitive financial data (accounts, passwords, card numbers)
Unfortunately, together with positive achievements, the Internet hosts such negative phenomena as data leakage, identity theft, cyber bullying, account’s blocking, as well as loss of access to important sites that scare users a lot. They make them realize that Web surfing protection & traffic encryption are of paramount importance, for business and entertainment alike. lets web surfers protect their online activities against hackers by offering Proxy services for anonymity and security. To put it into practice, the company enables connection to 60+ Tor servers and 20 Proxy servers all over the world. Besides, it has been constantly expanding a number of servers available and countries that host them, in order to provide its users with more and more resources for free Web surfing. 
Since August 2013, Privatoria s.r.o has been providing online security solutions: VPN, VPN Tor, Proxy, Proxy Tor, and anonymous e-mails. Anonymous communication, data encryption and secure web surf are integrated within 2 complex packages of online security services - VPN Tor / Proxy Tor.
The company’s team has 10-year experience in IT (possessing a patent for utility model No.85414 "Confidential data transmission method" of 25.11.2013); it has passed through restructuration times & renewed its activities with enhanced vigor. 
Media Contact Information
Privatoria s.r.o.
Kremencova 186/7
Prague 1
Czech Republic
Official website:

Privatoria s.r.o
Kremencova 186/7
Privatoria s.r.o 11000

Site URL:
Phone: 000 00 00 00
FAX: (none)
Email: Contact
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