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PureVPN's first major product release of Q1, 2019 is finally here!
We have put countless hours to turn YOUR ideas into reality! A makeover to the dedicated IP feature, ease of use and more improvements are part of this release.
Added: 05/08/2019 - Zohaib S

We are very excited to announce the new features and improvements we have made based solely on your feedback. Meet the cool updates in PureVPN for Windows v.7.0.3:

1. IP Address Shown on the Connected Screen

We got rid of the displayed IP address on the app Dashboard in an effort to enhance your privacy. Yet, realizing how useful this information is to our users, we have brought it back - now you are able to see your IP address after connecting to PureVPN!

2. Connect to Your Dedicated IP with Ease

Yes, we accept that connecting to our Dedicated IP mode wasn`t as simple as it should have been. We realized this thanks to our valued users and made it super simple. Before you had to enter the Hostname/Dedicated IP in order to connect to your Dedicated IP. Well, not anymore. All you have to do now is log into the Windows app, go to Dedicated IP mode and we will automatically fetch your hostname. Cool, right?

3. Our App Now Remembers Dedicated IP Hostnames

If you are someone who uses multiple Hostnames in Dedicated IP mode and have a difficult time in remembering them all, then this update is made for YOU! PureVPN now saves the last connected hostnames. So, even if you forget it you can choose one from the drop down menu.

4. Mark as Favorite on the Connected Screen

Previously, PureVPN used to show a star icon at the connecting screen. When the app would connect to a specific location or channel, the star icon was displayed to the user so they could mark it as Favorite. But then we got this simple but extremely useful suggestion for one of our users:

"I would like to make a request for letting me add a server to my favorites after I have ascertained that it works. Currently, when I connect to a server, I can add it to my favorites while it is connecting. The trouble is, I don`t know if it has worked at that stage. It makes sense, right? User should be able to mark a location or channel favorite after he is connected to it. And not at the time of connecting."

Our team really liked the suggestion and made it available right away!

5. Gift PureVPN to Your Loved One!

Our users have been very kind to us in making PureVPN even better with their valuable suggestions. As a gesture of our appreciation, we added a special Gift in your Member`s Area which you can share with your loved ones. Yes, you can gift a Monthly PureVPN account to the person of your choice for FREE! Just log into your Member`s Area, enter the name & email of the invitee and leave the rest to us. Our treat!

Wrapping Things Up

So, PureVPN`s secret is out now. Download the new version of our VPN app from and enjoy it. We listen to our customers and improve our services based on their feedback and ideas! So, don`t hold back just yet and keep posting your awesome suggestions on our ideas forum.

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15 Queens Road
GZ Systems Ltd. ND n.a.

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