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Recover Your Formatted Drives with UNFORMAT
LSoft Technologies presents UNFORMAT v. 8.0.0, with support for new pre-defined file signatures to make recovering data from formatted drives easier and more reliable than ever.
Added: 03/27/2019 - LSoft Technologies

LSoft Technologies is proud to announce the launch of UNFORMAT v 8.0.0, a leading data-recovery tool that helps users retrieve data from formatted hard drives, deleted partitions or emptied recycle bins. This new edition adds support for 7 more file signatures to make the recovery of certain file formats easier and quicker than ever before. Support has been added for ONE, PUB, FRM, IBD, MYI, VDI and BCB files. No longer do users have to search for files of these types manually or by defining custom signatures.

How Does UNFORMAT Work?

When you empty the recycle bin, format a drive or delete a partition, it is often assumed that any data within is permanently lost as well. After all, most operating systems do provide a warning to that effect by default when you attempt to carry out such an action. However, the only thing that really changes in all these cases is the master file table, which allocates space on the disk and manages the file system. The original data remains on the drive until it is physically overwritten by another operation.

UNFORMAT provides a quick and simple way to exploit this opportunity and recover the data before it`s permanently overwritten. Because the data can be overwritten at any time, it`s important to stop using the device as soon as you realize you`ve lost the data. If the lost data is on your primary system hard drive, you may want to consider upgrading to the Professional version, which comes with the latest versions of [email protected] Boot Disk and Boot Disk Creator for creating an independent boot environment to recover data.

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