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Reporting of SVHC to the SCIP database mandatory from January 2021
Companies are facing new challenges in material reporting in terms of the current EU Waste Framework Directive
Added: 09/16/2020 - [email protected]

Weilrod (Germany), 15.09.2020 The new SCIP database takes the reporting within the EU to a new level. Companies from all sectors whose products contain substances of very high concern (SVHC) in concentrations of more than 0.1 percent by weight are affected. The data has to be transmitted to the SCIP database created by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in the form of a so-called dossier. The basis for this is the Waste Framework Directive and the aim is to support waste management companies in identifying SVHC containing waste and to improve recycling. The new database is also intended to promote the substitution of substances of very high concern in products. "Companies are facing an enormous time challenge. They have to submit their data to ECHA by January 2021, but the database will not be available until October", explains Markus Engel, Project Manager Material Compliance at imds professional. Although a prototype has been already available since February. But the data entered there is for training purposes only and will not be considered in the full version.

"We recommend that affected companies make themselves now familiar with the database and its requirements", Markus Engel continues. This way they would know in time what data is required, could collect it and would know how to prepare and transmit it. "The automotive industry has the advantage that a lot of data is already available in IMDS and can probably be transferred with an interface," explains the project manager. ECHA announced that the data must be transmited in the IUCLID format. IUCLID is a software application for the collection, storage, maintenance and exchange of data on inherent and hazardous properties of chemical substances. It is already used to prepare registration dossiers for chemicals in accordance with the REACH Regulation.

But who is affected? "Actually all companies that produce products in the EU, bring them to the market or import them into the EU", says Dr. Nataliia Fokina, SCIP expert at imds professional. Examples for affected substances and products: Lead in copper or aluminium alloys (e.g. fasteners, housings, cable lines), plasticizers (phthalates) such as DEHP (e.g. plastic injection moulded parts, interior and exterior linings, gaskets), flame retardants such as DecaBDE (e.g. car seat covers, printed circuit boards, insulating materials, housings of electrical and electronic equipment), binding or release agents as well as stabilizers (e.g. in plastics, paper, paints, inks, coatings, cleaning and polishing agents). The obligation to notify in the electrical and electronics industry poses a particular challenge because printed circuit boards - "products" according to the REACH regulation - typically contain several hundred assembly items with a large number of electronic components, most of which weigh between two milligrams and five grams each.

imds professional supports companies in fulfilling the new reporting obligations with consulting and services

With the new online trainings of imds professional the responsible persons in the companies can familiarize themselves with the topic as well as the SCIP database. The training "SCIP Database and Reporting Duties" (No.6180 provides the basic information about the background, objectives and requirements.

The training course "SCIP Database in Practice" (No. 6181) continues with the information on the best next steps, registration, data format and data transmission to the database. The participants learn how to perform all the steps using the SCIP prototype. Further information on the SCIP database, services and training courses can be found at

Company information:

imds professional is a full service company in the field of the International Material Data System (IMDS), the China Automotive Material Data System (CAMDS) as well as for the data management solution Compliance Data Exchange (CDX). imds professional offers worldwide comprehensive service and consulting on IMDS, CAMDS, REACH, conflict minerals, biocides and RoHS as well as a wide range of seminars on these topics. The seminars are offered as public trainings as well as in-house trainings. The company is authorized by DXC Technology to offer IMDS and CDX trainings. The customer base is mainly international car manufacturers and their suppliers. Further information is available at

With the compliance professional business unit, we are expanding our services to include consulting, service and training on material compliance for the manufacturing industry in general and the Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) data management solution. With this solution, companies can meet all requirements for material reporting. Our trainers train manufacturers and suppliers throughout Europe. We advise companies on how to establish more efficient data collection processes. We support companies worldwide in meeting legal and customer-specific requirements. Further information is available at

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