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Reprise Hosting Upgrades Network, Discounts Bandwidth Prices
Added: 02/02/2021 - Jeff Michaels

2nd February, 2021 - Seattle, Washington - The cheap dedicated server provider Reprise Hosting LLC ( ) marked its ninth year in business with significant network upgrades and lowered prices on server bandwidth.

"In the latter half of 2020 we made significant investments in our regional peering and network quality in the Pacific Northwest," said Brian Harrison of Reprise Hosting. "Additionally, we added network capacity -- a lot of network capacity."

Over the past 6 months, Reprise Hosting has added 12x 10G peering sessions with new participants over the SIX, 10G transit with Hurricane Electric, 10G transit with CNSERVERS and 10G transit with Fiberhub. "We’re excited about the possibilities that our newly upgraded network offers," added Brian. "Our regional latency in the Pacific Northwest is the best it has ever been and our latency to Europe and Asia has fallen by ~10% on average. If you need to serve an audience that spans east Asia, North America and Europe, then the Pacific Northwest is an excellent locale to source operations."

With the network upgrades, Reprise Hosting has also rolled out substantial price cuts to server bandwidth. 100Mbps unmetered connections are now offered as standard on all dedicated servers with the option to upgrade free of charge to 1Gbps with 20TB.

Since 2011, we've provided thousands of clients around the globe with the affordable servers they need to host websites, email, databases, web applications, game servers, and much more.

We are based out of Seattle, WA in the Westin Building Exchange -- one the largest telecommunications hubs in the world. Our network is a redundant blend of NTT, Zayo, Telia and HE plus direct peering with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, IBM Cloud, Netflix, Akamai, Charter, T-Mobile, Telus, OVH, CloudFlare, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Internap, Valve, Twitch, SK Broadband, SpaceX Starlink, Telekom Indonesia, and many others.

About Reprise Hosting:
Reprise Hosting ( ) is a hosting provider based out of Seattle, Washington specializing in cheap dedicated servers and cPanel VPS hosting.

Reprise Hosting
Reprise Hosting WA 98121

Site URL:
Phone: 1-877 - 839
FAX: (none)
Email: Contact
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